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Justina Grubski chats with Being Australian founder, Doug Kirkpatrick, about the nature of things that feel 'Australian'.


Air Date:  22 August 2005 
Program'Antidote' (Tuesdays 10-11PM)
Runtime:  5'50"

Announcer  Intro:

   When was the last time you did something that felt genuinely Australian?

Was it eating a meat pie from your local bakery?  Was it paddling for a crowded wave at the beach on Sunday morning?

Perhaps you did something a little less typical, like walking barefoot on the grass in your backyard, read the paper, or surfed the net.

All these little everyday things are experiences which are unique to and capture the essence of living in this brown and dusty land.

Itís this very essence which Doug Kirkpatrick has tried to capture on his website,, where he invites Aussies and travelers alike to share their thoughts and experiences of what its like to be a part of Australia.

Antidoteís Justina Grubski and Doug Kirkpatrick contemplate what makes some of our everyday experiences so exclusively "Australian".   

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