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Opera house bush style - 'Add a caption'posted by Chad

Opera house bush style
story posted on 25/05/2016 - about
Althought just a net designed to catch yabbies, shrimp etc. It is fondly nicknamed an 'OPERA HOUSE NET'...
thanks to Chad from New zealand lol

Aussie steel - 'Add a caption'posted by Chad

Aussie steel
story posted on 25/04/2016 - about
They dont make em like they used to.. unfortunately they wont make em ever soon :(...
thanks to Chad from New zealand lol

ozzieposted by vikki007

story posted on 26/05/2014 - about
We went on a 3 day trip from Sydney to WA on $39 tickets each way. We went to the Pinnacles and we drove past the HUGE road trains and we drove down to Albany, all in 3 days. It felt so Australian doing it so spur of the moment....
thanks to vikki007

Sydney Sitter Pty Ltd - 'Sydney Sitter Pty Ltd'posted by Sean M

Sydney Sitter Pty Ltd
listing posted on 10/04/2014
SydneySitter is a leading Nanny & Babysitting recruitment agency providing families with experienced, highly knowledgeable nannies, babysitters, housesitters, pet sitters and tutors....
thanks to Sean M

Wired Office Computers - 'Wired Office Computers'posted by Call Today

Wired Office Computers
listing posted on 17/02/2013
Mobile computer service or bring your computer /laptop to us. We offer Microsoft certified service, same day service or overnight service. We visit most areas of Perth at standard all inclusive flat hourly rates....
thanks to Call Today

Camping on the Delegate - 'Bridge over the Delegate River (NSW side of the border)'posted by Harry

Camping on the Delegate
story posted on 07/02/2013 - about
On the way from Bombala to Orbost, the family decided to stop overnight under the gumtrees at the Delegate River. There's a really charming old road bridge that crosses the river literally metres away from the VIC-NSW border. Peaceful and not much traff...
thanks to Harry

Waiting for the train from Jincumbilly - 'Jincumbilly railway station on the old Bombala railway line in NSW'posted by Harry

Waiting for the train from Jincumbilly
story posted on 07/02/2013 - about
A fascinating little railway station on the old Bombala Railway line. Apparently the station opened in 1921 and closed in 1975....
thanks to Harry

no pictues available

Cheryl Cruickshank
listing posted on 01/10/2012
Health Products and Personal care...
thanks to Cheryl Cruickshank

No, not an Australian garden ! - 'A signing showing the layout of Cowra's former prisoner of war camp.'posted by Julie

No, not an Australian garden !
story posted on 26/09/2012
At Cowra there's the most beautiful garden - A Japanese garden - all 12 acres of it - you could be in Japan ! And this time of the year with the cherry blossum out it's just a picture. We found Cowra such a friendly town, too. There's a reason the gar...
thanks to Julie

Arcadia Sustainable Design - 'Arcadia Sustainable Design'posted by Gary Shadforth

Arcadia Sustainable Design
listing posted on 02/07/2012
Arcadia Sustainable Design is a garden and landscape design service in Melbourne. We will create with you a beautiful outdoor living space that will become an important part of your home....
thanks to Gary Shadforth

no pictues available

story posted on 23/02/2012
we have sea horse shells on our beach. I am six....
thanks to Sylvie

no pictues available

story posted on 15/11/2011
40 years ago the Mid Western Highway in NSW by- passed this lovely little town - and it's little, just 250 people - and so Carcoar had remained almost unchanged since then. It's not been tizzyied up to be a 'tourist town ' but the buildings along m...
thanks to Doodie

Who do you think you are? - 'Who do you think you are?'posted by site administrator

Who do you think you are?
news (Special Feature) posted on 24/06/2011
Landmark survey of Australian values reveals big changes on work, sport and booze....
thanks to site administrator

Being Australian Founder Supports TA Campaign - 'Being Australian Founder Supports TA Campaign'posted by site administrator

Being Australian Founder Supports TA Campaign
news (Special Feature) posted on 30/03/2011
Being Australian founder, Doug Kirkpatrick, comments on Tourism Australia's new campaign to win tourists...
thanks to site administrator

Night fall - 'Calm before the storm - Port Hedland, WA just before Cyclone Jacob crosses the coast on 12 March 2007'posted by KellyJayne

Night fall
story posted on 11/03/2011 - about
A friend of mine took this. Port Hedland, I believe it was just before Cyclone Jacob....
thanks to KellyJayne

Cyclone Supplies - 'Queuing for free alcohol - South Hedland, WA after Cyclone George'posted by KellyJayne

Cyclone Supplies
story posted on 11/03/2011 - about
Cyclone George really hit Port Hedland hard. But when word got out that the South Hedland Liquor store was giving out free alcohol everyone queued up to get their most needed supplies!...
thanks to KellyJayne

Wired Office Computers - 'Wired Office Computers'posted by david

Wired Office Computers
listing posted on 24/02/2011
thanks to david

no pictues available

Australia’s familiar past
story posted on 09/02/2011 - about
Magic happens in old books. The thoughts and observations of writers long deceased come alive at the turn of yellowed pages. Deciphering antique fonts, touching dried-out leather covers and smelling aged paper, there is no more sensual bridge to the past....
thanks to Oliver Marc Hartwich

Aussie coat of arms - 'Humble hand dryer in Benalla, Victoria'posted by Jasie

Aussie coat of arms
story posted on 23/01/2011 - about
Love your website. Was passing through Benalla and stopped in at the local Gents at the Council chambers when I noticed the logo on the hand dryer. Thought it was funny and worth sharing here. Don't reckon you'd find this in Paris or Rome. No doubt abou...
thanks to Jasie

The Gundagai dog on his tuckerbox - 'The famous dog on his tuckerbox at Gundagai'posted by Jasie

The Gundagai dog on his tuckerbox
story posted on 23/01/2011 - about
On the way from Sydney to Melbourne, we stopped by the old dog on the tucker box at Gundagai. Of course, the highway goes around the town now instead of through it. Not sure if the dog and tuckerbox sculpture is the original but the building ruins next ...
thanks to Jasie

no pictues available

Aussie beaches
story posted on 21/01/2011
We are so lucky with our great beaches. It's only when you see what other countries call 'beaches' that you realise just how lovely ours are. They have sand (not pebbles), waves (not dank water), fish to fish for an (generally) oor lovely HOT Australia...
thanks to Doodie

no pictues available

The floods
story posted on 21/01/2011
This isn't a story, it's just my comment: I think the wonderful community spirit that we've seen in Queensland and now Victoria, shows exactly what 'Being Australian' means....
thanks to Ann

Heart2heart Ceremonies - 'Heart2heart Ceremonies'posted by Marlee Bruinsma

Heart2heart Ceremonies
listing posted on 27/12/2010
Individually written ceremonies to celebrate life's memorable occasions - south east Queensland...
thanks to Marlee Bruinsma

Volunteer - 'Tourist information in Kimba, SA, (pop.1211), a grain-belt town and home of the Big Galah 'posted by Kaggles

story posted on 04/11/2010 - about
I am 39 years old and am proud to volunteer my time to different organisations. If it was not for us volunteers this great country of ours would not exist. I currently volunteer for the following organisations: Hospital Auxiliary - we hold raffles, ...
thanks to Kaggles

The Glass Votive Candle Shop - 'The Glass Votive Candle Shop'posted by Ollie Broad

The Glass Votive Candle Shop
listing posted on 09/10/2010
Australia's premier supplier of wedding reception and party supplies....
thanks to Ollie Broad

no pictues available

A touching moment
story posted on 15/08/2010 - about
A few weeks ago, we had an assembly in our school. At the start of the assembly, everyone stood up and sang the National Anthem solemnly. That was a really touching moment I had in Australia....
thanks to Xue

Park Orchards Garden & Building Supplies - 'Park Orchards Garden & Building Supplies'posted by Jan Maher

Park Orchards Garden & Building Supplies
listing posted on 11/08/2010
An Australian Family Business. Sustainable Firewood (FAA Members), mulches, sands, soils, screenings, pots, plants and MORE. Open & Delivery 7 days. Members FAA. Tradies Welcome. ...
thanks to Jan Maher

no pictues available

Honesty and crocodiles in Port Douglas
story posted on 26/07/2010 - about
I've been in Port Douglas - the locals call it The Port - and did all the touristy things and there are lots of them. Out on the reef was fabulous. But the beaches are great. Kept away from rivers because there are crocodiles. Lovely little shops in t...
thanks to gwen

no pictues available

Riding on the bus
story posted on 25/07/2010 - about
When I recently came to Melbourne from New Zealand to study at U Melb, I had to get around on public transport. I was delighted to hear people say 'thank you driver' when leaving the bus, even from the rear exit. I curiously observed this to see if it was...
thanks to Derek Patton from New Zealand & more

Musk lorikeets, eagles, galahs and eucalypts...posted by Lana Zgoznik

Musk lorikeets, eagles, galahs and eucalypts...
story posted on 15/07/2010 - about
I came across this little book a few years ago and was touched by the use of Australian themes in these prayers. There are many prayers for many different occasions - all short and full of wonderful Australian imagery. I can open the book any time and be ...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

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