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Opera house bush style - 'Add a caption'posted by Chad

Opera house bush style
story posted on 25/05/2016 - about
Althought just a net designed to catch yabbies, shrimp etc. It is fondly nicknamed an 'OPERA HOUSE NET'...
thanks to Chad from New zealand lol

The Gundagai dog on his tuckerbox - 'The famous dog on his tuckerbox at Gundagai'posted by Jasie

The Gundagai dog on his tuckerbox
story posted on 23/01/2011 - about
On the way from Sydney to Melbourne, we stopped by the old dog on the tucker box at Gundagai. Of course, the highway goes around the town now instead of through it. Not sure if the dog and tuckerbox sculpture is the original but the building ruins next ...
thanks to Jasie

Library melts into street - 'He is not contemplating suicide, just admiring the art.'posted by Robin Butler

Library melts into street
story posted on 14/02/2010 - about
Something you notice about Melbourne is its funky architecture and street art. I suppose you could say the artists are 'being australian'. We have this very clever 'fragment' of library melting into the footpath on Swanson Street right outside the main ...
thanks to Robin Butler from Templestowe

Animal Farm - 'The article in today's paper, photographed with my mobile phone camera.'posted by Rachel Somers

Animal Farm
story posted on 17/05/2009 - about
I suppose you heard about the flag we lost up here in Toowoomba. Some low life fools have gone to the trouble of hacking into the bottom of the pole and ripping down the flag. Why?! What can they do with it (except destroy it, perhaps?). I took a pho...
thanks to Rachel Somers from near Lake Eildon

Climbing the Australian 'Coathanger' - 'This is me above Sydney Harbour on the Harbour Bridge'posted by Eric Goron

Climbing the Australian 'Coathanger'
story posted on 16/10/2008 - about
Well, I had a most amazing experience today. I saw your city from its crown. A great journey to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view was fantastic but the wind was very strong today. Fourteen people with me and our guide climbed over the tra...
thanks to Eric Goron from France

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 1) - 'Two shots in one:  the clothes line installation'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 1)
story posted on 13/10/2008 - about
Hi all, Near where I live some clever person (people?) has put up an art installation above where cars exit from the Eastern Distributor in Sydney. It's a sort of witty ode to the famous Hills Hoist. The letters of the Sydney suburb, Woolloomooloo,...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 2) - 'The mock back yard with 'Woolloomooloo' clothesline'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 2)
story posted on 13/10/2008 - about
So quirky is the concept of this clothes line art installation that I thought a few more pictures might help illustrate its weirdness. The location of this art installation is on a patch of orphaned concrete that sits over the Eastern Distributor tunne...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

cisco kidposted by ciscokid

cisco kid
story posted on 06/05/2008 - about
Getting my Southern Cross and Australian-made tats done on my arm n watchn footy....
thanks to ciscokid

Regarding the 'Coathanger' - 'As seen from a boat passing below.  Note the BridgeClimb people walking above.'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Regarding the 'Coathanger'
story posted on 30/04/2008 - about
Sometimes, the experience of being Australian is merely to look at, wonder about, and contemplate something uniquely Australian. I can't help but admire the vision, foresight, courage and bravery of those long departed souls who gave us the Sydney Harb...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Pausing to honour the 'Diggers' - 'People in Martin Place, Sydney, watch as the last of the ANZACs pass by'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Pausing to honour the 'Diggers'
story posted on 18/04/2008 - about
Every year, Australians all over from the biggest cities to the tiniest towns stop to pause, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary service and sacrifice of men and women years ago who were among the ANZACs. On ANZAC Day, streets are line...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Anzac Hero - 'Anzac Pride'posted by brockstar

Anzac Hero
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
My great Grandfather fought in New Guinea during WW2. Fortunately for us, he came home and despite numerous bouts of Malaria as a result of the war, he has thrived and just last week turned 101. He even got his drivers license renewed, which at this age i...
thanks to brockstar

Beaconsfield Miners FREED - hooray!! - 'Walking free at last (picture from ninemsn website)'posted by Ruth Annesley

Beaconsfield Miners FREED - hooray!!
story posted on 15/05/2006 - about
[9-May-2006] I'm sure you are aware of the 14 day ordeal in Beaconsfield, Tasmania where an earthquake trapped two miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell almost a kilometre underground. Unfortunately, miner Larry Knight didn't survive. They were freed ...
thanks to Ruth Annesley from Where ever the road takes me..

broken flags - 'More than torn fabric - a statement about who cares and how much'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

broken flags
story posted on 07/01/2006 - about
As I was walking along Oxford Street, Bondi Junction recently, I looked up and noticed two Aussie flags in appalling condition. Half of each flag was torn away completely. Seemingly forgotten and abandoned to the wind. 'She'll be right, mate!' had be...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Alexandra Victoriaposted by Mark Gardellini

Alexandra Victoria
story posted on 13/04/2005 - about
Alexandra, which is located 130 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, is a small country town i came across on my travels. There is a little Hotel there called Alexandra Hotel, where the beer is cold and the food is still cooked on a wood fire. The hotel is...
thanks to Mark Gardellini from Moorook / Riverland / S.A

Passing road trains - 'Passing a BP tanker train headed for Broome'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Passing road trains
story posted on 18/03/2005 - about
We found driving in the outback a very different experience from city driving. For one thing, it seems to take a kilometre of road just to pass one of those huge road trains. We managed to overtake a few in our travels in WA. Our kids couldn't get over...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Flag on a dumpsterposted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Flag on a dumpster
story posted on 12/03/2005 - about
I knew I was back in Australia when I noticed a large dumpster decorated with the national flag. Here it is, standing proudly out the back of a shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast town of Kawana Waters, Queensland. Don't let anyone say rubbish col...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

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