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Aussie steel - 'Add a caption'posted by Chad

Aussie steel
story posted on 25/04/2016 - about
They dont make em like they used to.. unfortunately they wont make em ever soon :(...
thanks to Chad from New zealand lol

The Cooma Monaro Railway - 'The Cooma Monaro Railway'posted by site administrator

The Cooma Monaro Railway
news (Attractions) posted on 21/12/2008
At the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, vintage rail cars take passengers experience an era of rail travel as it was in rural New South Wales generations ago....
thanks to site administrator

Australia Day Ute Muster, Darwin 2008
video added on 10/12/2008
Ute's running amok, kicking up dust, doing dirt burnouts
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Famous Falcon - a truly Australian driving experience - 'Rare sight.  A 'preloved' Falcon GT ute from 1970-72'posted by Jay

Famous Falcon - a truly Australian driving experience
story posted on 13/11/2008 - about
Here's a rare sight -- a fair dinkum Ford Falcon GT ute from the 1970s. This one even has the famous Super Roo sticker Ford used to stick on side of their vehicles. Now, that was the era of Aussie muscle cars. ...
thanks to Jay

When you're driving in Australia... - 'Left-hand drive - not a perspective you'll experience much in Australia'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

When you're driving in Australia...
story posted on 02/11/2008 - about
If you're about to visit Australia for the very first time, or are already here, it's always a good idea to keep in mind that Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road as distinct from our cousins in America or Europe or in many other places whe...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival - 'Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival'posted by site administrator

Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival
news (Event Info) posted on 02/11/2008
thanks to site administrator

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 1) - 'Two shots in one:  the clothes line installation'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Clothesline signage for a suburb (part 1)
story posted on 13/10/2008 - about
Hi all, Near where I live some clever person (people?) has put up an art installation above where cars exit from the Eastern Distributor in Sydney. It's a sort of witty ode to the famous Hills Hoist. The letters of the Sydney suburb, Woolloomooloo,...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Macrossan House Boutique Holiday Apartments - 'Macrossan House Boutique Holiday Apartments'posted by Trevor Hurst

Macrossan House Boutique Holiday Apartments
listing posted on 12/07/2008
16 Boutique style 1 Bedroom S/C Apartments in the heart of Macrossan St but set back for peace and tranquility. A short stroll to the famous 4 Mile Beach....
thanks to Trevor Hurst

no pictues available

The Bay
story posted on 01/07/2008 - about
Small craft dozed in the sunshine Cars zoomed on the road. I walked......they drove Peace engulfed me Anxiety beset them Destination beckoned me Terminus eluded them The trees swayed The birds flew The clouds moved Lightning flashed Small craft...
thanks to miss maggie

Gums among the Ivy - 'Gums among the Ivy'posted by site administrator

Gums among the Ivy
news (Special Feature) posted on 26/05/2008
Australians form distinctive communities in two of the world's great universities....
thanks to site administrator

Oz Day in the city - 'This dog was wandering up the footpath next to Hyde Park Barracks, replete with fashionable colours of the day'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Oz Day in the city
story posted on 25/05/2008 - about
Australia Day in Sydney, as in just about every Australian city and town, is a day to get out and about, wonder, discover, explore and reconnect with the feeling of being Australian. This year on 26 January, I wandered down to Macquarie Street and Hy...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

no pictues available

My little nephew
story posted on 24/04/2008 - about
He's always loved cars. One day we walked past a Holden ute and he hitches up his little pants, puts his elbow on the ute and goes to his mum, 'Mummy, I think this ute is really, really pretty for you.' A beat up old holden ute? ...
thanks to marialoveshercheese

Australia Day Baby - 'Australian Maid'posted by Anna Bremmer

Australia Day Baby
story posted on 24/04/2008 - about
I was born on January 26. My 21st birthday was the Bicentennial celebration of a nation. I'm seventh generation Aussie from convict stock. I've been back to Ireland. I've seen the sights had delights on every foreign shore. I've bought my own house, in ca...
thanks to Anna Bremmer from Dalby

no pictues available

Foggy Moments
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I was born in Australia, background is Chinese. Me and my family were going on holidays, what a typical family would be doing, unfortunately we were late to depart because a family friend couldn't arrive on time. We departed 2 hours the normal time, dr...
thanks to shazzy

Lawn in the Pilbara - 'red grit on blue ashphalt - outside the Lodge Motel, Hawke Place, South Hedland'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Lawn in the Pilbara
story posted on 07/04/2008 - about
Being Australian in the Pilbara is about living with red oxide dust on everything. I mean, it's EVERYWHERE. On cars, on roofs, on shop windows, on family pets, on lawns... Iron ore dust from the mines has been a real challenge for the hardworking fol...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

no pictues available

story posted on 30/03/2008 - about
Walking home from work, saw another person looking for a parking spot (which was already full to the rim). Since mine was in the shade and I had a few hours left, I flagged him down, waved several times, then he came closer, explained I had a spot & time ...
thanks to Ripley SAVIEL from Perth WA

Interesting Cars - 'holden overlander'posted by chad pantic

Interesting Cars
story posted on 03/03/2005 - about
Having an interest in cars, i have some interesting shots. The 4wd holden is our car that we travelled around oz in with a camper trailer (definately an ozzie icon).We entered it in a show and shine at kunnunnura agricultural show and fair. The others wer...
thanks to chad pantic

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