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Almost every day, we see things, do things, hear things or say things that somehow feel 'Australian'. Share your experiences. Browse current stories for ideas. Leave your mark for future generations.

Aussie coat of arms - 'Humble hand dryer in Benalla, Victoria'posted by Jasie

Aussie coat of arms
story posted on 23/01/2011 - about
Love your website. Was passing through Benalla and stopped in at the local Gents at the Council chambers when I noticed the logo on the hand dryer. Thought it was funny and worth sharing here. Don't reckon you'd find this in Paris or Rome. No doubt abou...
thanks to Jasie

Eureka!posted by Lana Zgoznik

story posted on 15/07/2010 - about
As I drove into Ballarat, I suddenly came across these unpretentious signs - the street and suburb of Eureka - I had to stop the car, pause for a moment and pay my respects to this part of Australian history. For this was the place where, it is said, t...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

The Eureka Playground - 'Add a caption'posted by Lana Zgoznik

The Eureka Playground
story posted on 15/07/2010 - about
I loved the imaginative use of the Eureka Rebellion themes in this playground next to the Eureka Centre in Ballarat. A wonderful opportunity for parents to reflect and share with their children a part of Australian history. I would love to know if there a...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

A Commitment to Australia... - 'Add a caption'posted by Lana Zgoznik

A Commitment to Australia...
story posted on 02/07/2010 - about
During a visit to Kryal Castle near Ballarat with international visitors, I came across a refreshing room of Australian history. I felt 'Australian' when I read the words of one of our previous Prime Ministers, Bob Hawke, who said that, ' ....all we need ...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

Life in Newman, WA - 'Lizard's view of life in Newman, an iron ore town in Western Australia'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Life in Newman, WA
story posted on 10/12/2009 - about
When driving through the red west of WA, it's always comforting to arrive in a town where the comforts of home can be found. Newman is just such a welcome sight in the middle of the iron ore wilderness that's helping to fuel our Australian economy. Wher...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Australia: Diversity, sun, fun and fabulous Sydney harbour - 'Picnic on Sydney Harbour'posted by Jo

Australia: Diversity, sun, fun and fabulous Sydney harbour
story posted on 15/01/2009 - about
I am fortunate enough to live near Sydney harbour and I never tire of looking out over the water at 'The Coathanger' (Sydney harbour bridge), Luna Park, The Opera house and the city skyline. I've also travelled to every state and territory of Australia a...
thanks to Jo

Old Sydney buses had character - 'An old Sydney bus fully restored -- bussing like it used to be in Sydney'posted by Fran

Old Sydney buses had character
story posted on 21/12/2008 - about
The new buses I ride on today are comfortable and fairly quiet but I miss the character of the buses I rode as a little girl growing up. They used to rattle and shake and jump around and the idea of talking to the driver was unthinkable 'cos he had his ...
thanks to Fran

Werris Creek Station - 'Another Country XPT service drops passengers at Werris Creen platform'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Werris Creek Station
story posted on 21/12/2008 - about
During the unveiling of a memorial in 2007 to NSW railway workers killed on the job, many people came to watch as the then Minister for Transport, John Watkins, officiated. Nearby a fabulous local community band struck up some music. Meanwhile on the st...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Leaving their mark in stone - 'A record of visitors past,  kept quarantined until deemed disease free'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Leaving their mark in stone
story posted on 21/12/2008 - about
At the old NSW Quarantine Station on North Head in Sydney, there are fascinating carvings in the sandstone near the wharf. For 140 years the Quarantine Station was the facility used to receive newly arrived immigrants, just as Ellis Island was in New Yor...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Walking the streets of Sydney - 'The funny side of Sydney life from Alan Waddell's perspective  (picture thanks to'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Walking the streets of Sydney
story posted on 18/12/2008 - about
Almost every day since January 2003, an amazing Sydney man, Alan Waddell, set about walking the streets of Sydney - literally every street in every suburb. After his wife of 60 years died in November 2002, he knew he had to find a way to keep on livi...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

The Angel of Edgecliff - 'The Angel of Edgecliff'posted by Fran

The Angel of Edgecliff
story posted on 02/12/2008 - about
On a wall facing traffic heading east on New South Head Road is a perpetual mural. For 20 years, commuters heading east on New South Head Rd have been greeted by the lithe form of the lady of Edgecliff. The artist, Bruno Dutot, has updated his original w...
thanks to Fran

Highest court in the land - 'Simple and strong: walking through the door of the High Court building in Canberra'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Highest court in the land
story posted on 21/11/2008 - about
Around the world, the business of justice is taken very seriously. You certainly know that from the ornate and costly architecture of ancient court buildings build many hundred of years ago in Europe. But here in Canberra, the High Court building doe...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

A visit to the Southern Highlands - 'Tudor-style Aussie pub in Bundanoon, NSW where beer is served COLD thankfully.'posted by Rodney Harrison

A visit to the Southern Highlands
story posted on 20/11/2008 - about
The funny thing about the Southern Highlands in New South Wales is the way early settlers tried hard to impose a touch of the old country (England) on the new country here. We stopped by this quaint old Tudor-style pub. TO anyone visiting from the real ...
thanks to Rodney Harrison from Batemans Bay

House on stone block - 'Impressive'posted by Jay

House on stone block
story posted on 13/11/2008 - about
There's this pretty unusual house sitting on top of a chunk of sandstone at the corner of Liverpool and Bourke streets in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It seems to be the only house on the street that kept the original rock underneath while other properties chis...
thanks to Jay

Australian architecture: where hip and historic coexist - 'Contrast of style:  modern office suite watched over by historic steel.  Eveleigh Railway Workshops, Sydney'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Australian architecture: where hip and historic coexist
story posted on 10/11/2008 - about
Down the street from the central business district of Sydney are the famous Eveleigh Railway Workshops. They were on the way to being demolished thanks to overzealous developers and their politically motivated friends in state government. But fortunately,...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 1 of 2 - 'The Melbourne Cup is incomplete without the Totalizator Agency Board taking the bets.  The awning in Martin Place'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 1 of 2
story posted on 06/11/2008 - about
The Melbourne Cup (a horse race that stops a nation) isn't just a Melbourne event. It's an event in every city and town around Australia. It provides punting opportunities for the common man (and woman) not normally disposed to a 'flutter' on the horses...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Oz Day in the city - 'This dog was wandering up the footpath next to Hyde Park Barracks, replete with fashionable colours of the day'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Oz Day in the city
story posted on 25/05/2008 - about
Australia Day in Sydney, as in just about every Australian city and town, is a day to get out and about, wonder, discover, explore and reconnect with the feeling of being Australian. This year on 26 January, I wandered down to Macquarie Street and Hy...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Kirribilli commute - 'Beulah Street ferry wharf - a civilised way to get to Kirribili for Saturday brunch'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Kirribilli commute
story posted on 19/05/2008 - about
Last Sunday, I found myself in someone's garden in Kirribilli not far from the Prime Minister's Sydney residence. I'd arrived there by ferry (as one does). A group of us were having brunch on the lawn - a very civilised affair. Framing the setting was a...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

the big back yard - 'i will catch you lachlan'posted by Dylan Trevena

the big back yard
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
When i was kid i remember running about with my cousins at my Grandmother's house in the western suburbs. There wasn't a single tree in the yard - just lots of lawn and day long games of hockey and soccer. The sun always seemed really hot and there wer...
thanks to Dylan Trevena from Sydney

no pictues available

My world
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I moved from Sydney to Mid North Coast of NSW. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse our land is! I love this coastal area I am in - Nambucca Heads is beaches and shopping, but just down the road, Bowraville is full of history and country farms!...
thanks to amandal

no pictues available

My Town
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I have lived in Mount Gambier for the past 10 years with my husband and young family. We have been fortunate enough to have found good friends and had the joy of meeting many more people. We have had many experiences but the best is that our friends in ...
thanks to maryls

Waterways of Sydney - 'Sunrise from our balcony.'posted by aintnomountain

Waterways of Sydney
story posted on 31/03/2008 - about
Having recently moved to the banks of the Parramatta River at Concord, I have discovered a whole new side of Sydney. Catching the quiet ferry into the city with the salty breeze on my face, I stare around me at the varied houses of thousands of others who...
thanks to aintnomountain

no pictues available

home sweet home
story posted on 30/03/2008 - about
I grew up in a small outback town called Wilcannia NSW. Eight years ago I moved to Tenterfield. It was definitely a sea-change. In Wilcannia, we had long hot dry summers with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees and short winters. Here in Tenterfield...
thanks to suzie

no pictues available

Australian drought
story posted on 30/03/2008 - about
The drought has been the devil in many parts of Australia, but i have to say it has brought a lot of people closer. its been noticeable especially in the small townships that have come together, and mixed with each other to bring together and keep togethe...
thanks to larnza

tradie's bit for the nation - 'The honourable people of Luke Electrical showing their colours'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

tradie's bit for the nation
story posted on 28/02/2008 - about
Sometimes, it's the little things that make you feel Australian. I was walking along my street the other day and noticed this electrical contractor's van with an Aussie flag sticking up from the ladder mounted on the roof. Not a big deal, just a qui...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Cleaning Up - 'Urban scene - abandoned trolley and the graffiti'posted by Mora

Cleaning Up
story posted on 07/02/2008 - about
I got sick of the Australia post boxes being covered with graffiti. So I bought some stuff (smells awful) and got to work. It was successful. One day someone got in a huff and demanded to know what I was doing - they thought I was putting graffiti ON,...
thanks to Mora

Cyclone Tracy revisited - 'Visiting with Rosemary, widow of the late Senator Bob Collins, Darwin 2004'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Cyclone Tracy revisited
story posted on 26/11/2007 - about
In Darwin, recently, I met the lovely widow of the late Senator Bob Collins (whom I had also met before his death). Collins was a highly effective and principled bloke committed to the triumph of indigenous Australians even if that meant taking decisions...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Kookaburra comes to school - 'This little fellow must have been curious - he stayed a while then turned and disappeared'posted by John Lacey

Kookaburra comes to school
story posted on 28/05/2007 - about
I'm a teacher at a school in Balmain (Sydney). On my way to the print room this week, I saw a kookaburra perched on a window - but inside the building. After I finished the photocopying, it was still there. So, I went back to the staffroom, colle...
thanks to John Lacey

Tuned in to the nation - 'How the hell do you photograph a car aerial anyway?'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Tuned in to the nation
story posted on 11/04/2007 - about
Look, I know it's not very original or new. But where else in the world would you see a car aerial like this? I was walking along my street and saw this bloke's radio aerial with a nod to our national geography. Here's a driver who listens to the ...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Those ticking street posts - 'The button I press to cross New South Head Rd in Edgecliff, Sydney'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Those ticking street posts
story posted on 10/11/2005 - about
I've lived overseas for years and whenever I come home and stand at an intersection I know I'm home when I hear that unmistakable tick...tick...tick at the traffic lights followed a moment later by that slingshot effect letting us know it's okay to walk. ...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

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