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Almost every day, we see things, do things, hear things or say things that somehow feel 'Australian'. Share your experiences. Browse current stories for ideas. Leave your mark for future generations.

Night fall - 'Calm before the storm - Port Hedland, WA just before Cyclone Jacob crosses the coast on 12 March 2007'posted by KellyJayne

Night fall
story posted on 11/03/2011 - about
A friend of mine took this. Port Hedland, I believe it was just before Cyclone Jacob....
thanks to KellyJayne

Cyclone Supplies - 'Queuing for free alcohol - South Hedland, WA after Cyclone George'posted by KellyJayne

Cyclone Supplies
story posted on 11/03/2011 - about
Cyclone George really hit Port Hedland hard. But when word got out that the South Hedland Liquor store was giving out free alcohol everyone queued up to get their most needed supplies!...
thanks to KellyJayne

Christmas Day at Bondi Beach (pt2) - 'The DHL lifesavers pose for their annual photo next to a Christmas tree on Bondi Beach'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Christmas Day at Bondi Beach (pt2)
story posted on 27/12/2009 - about
Bondi Beach has an international cachet, especially among the backpackers. This seems no more obvious that on a holiday like Christmas when locals are with families and friends, rather than on the beach. As I was walking around it seemed every accent I...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Christmas Day at Bondi Beach (pt3) - 'Dressed for Chrismas  - A couple of visitors take in the view from the southern end of the beach'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Christmas Day at Bondi Beach (pt3)
story posted on 27/12/2009 - about
Since the day was a bit overcast, the crowd numbers were down. But I bumped into a fascinating couple from Poland. 'Greg' is posted to Australia in the diplomatic corp. He and his wife were taking in the Bondi scene. When I asked him what kind of e...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Being Australian on Christmas Day (Bondi Beach pt1) - 'Cheerful and professional constables at ease on the promenade at Bondi Beach, Christmas Day 2008'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Being Australian on Christmas Day (Bondi Beach pt1)
story posted on 25/12/2009 - about
It's Christmas day and having sufficiently fuelled up on brandy-soaked pudding, I wandered off to Bondi to see what the Bondi's backpackers were doing. The day was a bit overcast with the promise of sun to come, so the beach wasn't busy. Along the way...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Someone's lost world in the Dandenongs, Victoria - 'Spooky entrance to a horizontal tunnel leading to a shaft inside the hill behind the house'posted by Daryl Peterson

Someone's lost world in the Dandenongs, Victoria
story posted on 13/12/2009 - about
The Dandenong Ranges are wonderful to visit in Spring and Summer. Especially during the week when the visitor traffic is lowest. There are soaring eucalypt trees and towering manferns with their sweeping fronds, and many fantastic bark-covered walking t...
thanks to Daryl Peterson from Lilydale, VIC

no pictues available

SE Queensland, Northern Sydney & West Palm Beach Florida
story posted on 21/09/2009 - about
I have been to 11 states in the USA and then I fell in love with a man who lives in Florida, but I live in Brisbane. I don't want to get married yet, so USA immigration will not let me stay for more that 12 weeks at a time and will not let me work wi...
thanks to Kat in Florida from Brisbane

no pictues available

Saturday in South Australia
story posted on 15/06/2009 - about
I love getting up on a Saturday and heading out of Adelaide to the Barrosa for the day. Picking several wineries to go tasting at. Having lunch in one of the lovely towns and then picking a few more wineries on the way home. ...
thanks to TJ

no pictues available

The Isa in the '60s
story posted on 12/04/2009 - about
Though people had trouble pronouncing our names, we were never made to feel like we didn't belong. Having arrived in Mount Isa in 1966, the beginning of a real boom time in this remote mining town, we blended in as just another of the 51 nationalities tha...
thanks to Gry Risla from Norway

no pictues available

Mateship in the aftermath of disaster
story posted on 12/04/2009 - about
Cyclone Larry had devastated our beautiful part of the world. The night had been long and scary, the day full of shock and disbelief. Yet in the midst of the wreckage that was our peaceful street, emerged a whole bunch of people wielding chainsaws, wheelb...
thanks to Gry Risla from Norway

A great place to propose - 'The Sentinel'posted by Grot

A great place to propose
story posted on 03/01/2009 - about
When it comes to proposing there is one memorable place that takes the cake for a challenge to get there but is well worth the effort. The Sentinel, in the Snowy Mountains is an isolated pyramid shaped peak nestled between Mt Townsend and Watson's Craigs....
thanks to Grot

Flying like a bird - 'So, man wasn't meant to fly, eh?!'posted by Raymond

Flying like a bird
story posted on 06/12/2008 - about
Great weekend Bald Hill. Cool breeze off the ocean, babes on the beach below and us hang gliders doing our thing in the clear blue Australian sky. There's this really awesome spot for hang gliding. It's Bald Hill on the way from Sydney toward Wollon...
thanks to Raymond

Baptism of fire - 'Baptism of fire'posted by Jenny

Baptism of fire
story posted on 05/12/2008 - about
Not sure what plant this is - or was - but it reminded me of an emu complete with beak open as if it's about to say something. A bunch of us were exploring up the north coast last year. As you can see it's been scorched by a bushfire not so long ago. Bus...
thanks to Jenny

The giant iron or ships of China - 'The China Realist waits patiently as iron ore fills her hull'posted by Rodney Harrison

The giant iron or ships of China
story posted on 30/11/2008 - about
Every day tens of thousands of tons of Pilbara iron ore arrive in Port Hedland on giant ore trains. The ore is tipped into giant iron ore super tankers like the one we saw during a visit to BHP"s shore-side loading operation. It isn't until you're up clo...
thanks to Rodney Harrison from Batemans Bay

Old telegraph wires on lonely Australian road - 'The tangle of telegraph wires stoic and defiant against the weather'posted by Jay

Old telegraph wires on lonely Australian road
story posted on 27/11/2008 - about
Took a trip out of the city for the weekend up the New England Highway, pulled into a country lane and happened to see an old telegraph pole still with wires attached next to a railway line. Fascinating sight. Years ago blokes used to climb off guards v...
thanks to Jay

Happy to be here - 'Contemplating the sea, freedom, life, and safety from the saltwater crocodiles in the water below!'posted by Rodney Harrison

Happy to be here
story posted on 23/11/2008 - about
Sometimes, it's just worth pausing and contemplating how lucky Australians are to be Australian at all. That's what I found myself doing one day with a group on a trip through the North Territory recently. The water beyond is the Timor sea and north of ...
thanks to Rodney Harrison from Batemans Bay

Tripping in the Park - 'It's called the Sapphire Coast for a reason'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Tripping in the Park
story posted on 16/10/2008 - about
My mates and I recently took a trip down to the Royal National Park. What an amazing place and right at the edge of Sydney metro area. The contrast of green growth below the blue sky was superb. I've seen this from the air on the way in and out of Sydn...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

The lighthouse I grew up with - 'The lighthouse in Vaucluse I grew up with'posted by Rosemary Manchester

The lighthouse I grew up with
story posted on 12/10/2008 - about
On a cliff edge at Vaucluse in New South Wales, stands a very beautiful lighthouse. Our first lighthouse began operation in 1818, designed by Francis Greenway for Governor Macquarie. Built of timber, it crumbled after 50 years and was replaced. Someho...
thanks to Rosemary Manchester

Going to a classy outdoor outback loo - 'A classy country loo'posted by shazza

Going to a classy outdoor outback loo
story posted on 23/09/2008 - about
Better than just the dark side of the road and good for the environment as well....
thanks to shazza

Big Australian Sky - 'Sunset near Mt. Newman, Western Australia'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Big Australian Sky
story posted on 14/07/2008 - about
A girl I met on the train today, who is visiting our fair land from North Carolina, said that being Australian is standing beneath a vast dome of blue sky in the outback. She's right. When you look up into the sky (except for Melbourne of course, whic...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Port Douglas - 'Port Douglas - tranquil, peaceful, soothing.  Not bad for a weekend or a week.'posted by Juliet

Port Douglas
story posted on 14/07/2008 - about
Being Australian for me is 'summer in winter' in Port Douglas. Weather apart, it's the village atmosphere I liked. Everyone's laid back and friendly and there's a pioneer spirit 21st century style with young guys starting up new businesses. I spoke to ...
thanks to Juliet from Sydney

Our natural bushland - 'Relentless gumtree 'dribbes' over the edge of a rock'posted by Shelby Tanner

Our natural bushland
story posted on 28/06/2008 - about
I love our natural bushland. Despite not enjoying the heat of Australia, I can cope with the dryness of the land. No matter how often I go into the bush near my city, I see beauty every time. The rock formations, the wild flowers (& some not so wild)...
thanks to Shelby Tanner from Bairnsdale

no pictues available

a prime minister drowns
story posted on 28/06/2008 - about
I wasn't around then, but I know that years ago our prime Minister went swimming and drowned. There were no bodyguards there, just a couple of friends. It was very wild water off a beach in Victoria. Can you imagine anywhere in the world where life is s...
thanks to Collette Howsen from Mansfield, Victoria

no pictues available

Sand in the sandwiches
story posted on 28/06/2008 - about
My Pop likes his birthday treat to be a picnic on the beach with us all around. Every year someone brings sandos - and every year someone gets SAND in their SANDWICH. It's very Australian because lots of other countries have pebbles, not sand on their b...
thanks to Ginger

Weekday oasis of calm - 'On the Beach, sparkling clean sand regularly groomed'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Weekday oasis of calm
story posted on 25/06/2008 - about
Australia's most famous beach is buzzing on summer weekends. But on weekdays, especially in the winter, the place is a oasis of tranquility and calm. About the only people you'll find there, while the rest of us are at work, are a few locals with ti...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Bondi Beach - historic more than bohemian - 'Nick's Bondi Seafood fronts Bondi Beach'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Bondi Beach - historic more than bohemian
story posted on 25/06/2008 - about
It used to be you could catch an old Sydney tram to Bondi Beach. But those days are gone. There's the Eastern Suburbs railway line to Bondi Junction and then it's a bus or your own two feet to reach the sand of Australia's most famous seaside destinatio...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

The rural gatepost where yarns are had - 'Gatepost chat - where rural life gets an airing and gossip exchanged'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

The rural gatepost where yarns are had
story posted on 30/04/2008 - about
Visiting a friend's property a while back reminded me of the simple pleasures often had where neighbouring rural properties meet at a humble farm gate. It seems everywhere you go in Australian, you'll find that same simple heat-forged mushroom bolt and c...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

no pictues available

story posted on 18/04/2008 - about
I love being an AUSSIE. I have lived near the beach my whole life, but have recently moved to the 'Outback'. When I'm on the internet, playing games, all the people from around the world ask me where I'm from, and as soon as I tell them Australia the firs...
thanks to ccharli

Murray River - 'Cray trip'posted by eidurt

Murray River
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
Weekends, public holidays, afternoons ... load the esky, hook up the tinnie and head for the Murray River. Camping, fishing, sitting around the campfire telling a few yarns, (murray) crayfishing, cod season and yabbying have been a part of my aussie li...
thanks to eidurt

Feeling of wool - 'Curious:  a lone sheep checks out the photographer on a property near Goulburn'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Feeling of wool
story posted on 08/04/2008 - about
On my friend's property near Goulburn, hugely woolied sheep have the run of the place. It's amazing to think that the product of NSW grass and rain ends up in some of the worlds best garments worn by the rich and famous - and the rest of us. The atmos...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

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