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Australia’s familiar past
story posted on 09/02/2011 - about
Magic happens in old books. The thoughts and observations of writers long deceased come alive at the turn of yellowed pages. Deciphering antique fonts, touching dried-out leather covers and smelling aged paper, there is no more sensual bridge to the past....
thanks to Oliver Marc Hartwich

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A touching moment
story posted on 15/08/2010 - about
A few weeks ago, we had an assembly in our school. At the start of the assembly, everyone stood up and sang the National Anthem solemnly. That was a really touching moment I had in Australia....
thanks to Xue

Musk lorikeets, eagles, galahs and eucalypts...posted by Lana Zgoznik

Musk lorikeets, eagles, galahs and eucalypts...
story posted on 15/07/2010 - about
I came across this little book a few years ago and was touched by the use of Australian themes in these prayers. There are many prayers for many different occasions - all short and full of wonderful Australian imagery. I can open the book any time and be ...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

YAAMAposted by Lana Zgoznik

story posted on 14/07/2010 - about
It was fun to discover this buggy with an Aboriginal word for 'WELCOME'. Then, I found myself asking questions... Why is it that if it wasn't for the English translation, I wouldn't have known the meaning of YAAMA? Why is it that I don't know one sing...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

The road often travelled - 'my family's '1st generation' Australian's'posted by Andrea Arnaud

The road often travelled
story posted on 03/07/2010 - about
I am one of many Australians who came here as a child migrant. I was 5yrs old and I spoke two languges and English sounded different here! As an adult I can now appreciate the unique experience which is common to many of us in becoming Australian; it is a...
thanks to Andrea Arnaud from Melbourne

Aching to belong to something bigger... - 'These are my daughter’s stickers on the kitchen window, because she knows how I love Australian animals and I am nearly always cooking at the stove.'posted by Lana Zgoznik

Aching to belong to something bigger...
story posted on 04/06/2010 - about
When I was asked to share things that somehow made me feel Australian, I was surprised and bewildered. Surprised - because I didn't think that individual people's everyday feelings about Australia mattered in the 'big picture'. Bewildered - because I ache...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

An Australian School Uniform - 'An Australian School Uniform'posted by Lana Zgoznik

An Australian School Uniform
story posted on 26/05/2010 - about
A few months ago my daughter started a new school where she could wear any type of runners as part of her practical uniform. She immediately chose these brightly coloured Dunlop Volleys from Target. I cautiously approved. She wears them every single day. ...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

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Discovering my family history
story posted on 27/01/2010 - about
I have never felt more Australian until through research into my family I found out that I have an Indigenous Background. This really brought home to me my history in my family over many years and what other information I will find out in the near future....
thanks to Raymond Richardson from Adelaide

Spiders lurking - 'This bloke is literally hanging over the steps down to this house.'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Spiders lurking
story posted on 08/09/2009 - about
One thing I never missed while living overseas was the prospect of walking into one of those St Andrews Cross spiders (or variants) spread-eagled across footpaths along leafy streets in Australian urban areas. In New South Wales, especially, you can ...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

I am Australian.   Celebrating 4 Years in Australia - 'Sofia Cull - Life Celebrant'posted by Steve Wood

I am Australian. Celebrating 4 Years in Australia
story posted on 28/08/2009 - about
I am Australian. Sophia Cull is a Life Celebrant, so when she asked me if I wanted to celebrate being Australian, I jumped at the chance. She ran a 10 minute session for me at one of our regular BNI Carlton business networking events. 1. Why Au...
thanks to Steve Wood

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No worries, literally
story posted on 26/08/2009 - about
To worry, or not to worry; that is the question. To worry is not to be Australian, and to not worry is to be true blue. Belonging to Australia means much more than being just lucky, multiculturally inclined or tanned; it means that you have no boundaries ...
thanks to Fibbler

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Being Australian
story posted on 18/08/2009 - about
A life in Australia brings with it a sense of community where citizens are friendly and accepting. Neighbours will gladly come over for an afternoon sausage sizzle or simply heading to the beach with a few friends are one of the most loved activities of b...
thanks to acklow

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story posted on 18/08/2009 - about
As an Australian, you are given freedom. Freedom to choose; who you vote for, who you pray for and who you barrack for. Freedom is given in all aspects of life, providing for a broad and interesting community. There is no state religion; it is up to you ...
thanks to sarah

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mates over family
story posted on 18/08/2009 - about
The value of mateship is reflected in both personal and national identity. We even have our own saying, ?dobbing in?. Other countries have other words for the same action (eg. America - 'ratting'), but not a new word made especially for it. The word ?...
thanks to jo.l.92

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We are Australian
story posted on 18/08/2009 - about
I think all Australians are proud and happy of living in this unique country because we're so lucky. We are multicultural so we have so many different people, cultures, religions and cuisines. We are free so we can say and do what we want. We are laid-bac...
thanks to sandysan

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Being Australian
story posted on 16/08/2009 - about
When I think of Australia I think of freedom and a right to express our emotions, as well as access to clean water and a great medicare system. I also think of multiculturalism, a place where freedom is strife and there are lots of different nationalities...
thanks to angela z.

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story posted on 06/07/2009 - about
I escort a young disabled boy during his ride to school and I like to get him little gifts at times. Recently I bought him a showbag from the Royal Easter Show and handed it to him on the ride home. The next morning he kept putting his cheek in my hand an...
thanks to Mira N

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Going on camp
story posted on 06/05/2009 - about
Going on camp and hiking in the Aussie bush is the best feeling there is....
thanks to Johnny

Australia Day with my family - 'Add a caption'posted by Sarah DMellow

Australia Day with my family
story posted on 06/05/2009 - about
We go to the Regatta at Penrith lakes every year for Australia Day. What a great day it is, entertainment galore, and food and of course a few drinks in the beer shed don't go astray. The best part of the day was when they flew a gigantic Aussie flag over...
thanks to Sarah DMellow

Community protest, Double Bay NSW - 'Sign of the times seen more and more often for some reason'posted by Danielle Thomasen

Community protest, Double Bay NSW
story posted on 19/12/2008 - about
It's a sign of the times in Australia when more and more communities find themselves compelled to protest government decision-making. In a Sydney suburb recently, people who wouldn't normally consider themselves politically active came together to regist...
thanks to Danielle Thomasen from Adelaide

Two textures of life in Australia - 'Life in the burbs'posted by Will Leidbeter

Two textures of life in Australia
story posted on 16/12/2008 - about
Two types of living. Two types of experience: sun-warmed urban brick set amid Banjo Patteson's 'rush and nervous haste' of sunburnt antipodean suburban sprawl. Miles away, a sun-dried dam-bed absent of water during perpetual drought....
thanks to Will Leidbeter from Heidelberg

Telephone sockets in Australia - 'Close up of one modern, now almost ancient phone socket'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Telephone sockets in Australia
story posted on 15/12/2008 - about
A trivial feature of Australian life. But when in Rome, you've got to do as they do. Here in Oz, that means negotiating the strange-looking phone socket on the wall. At least, it would probably seem strange to most Europeans and certainly to North Amer...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Chooks in my backyard - 'Our chooks in the back yard'posted by Will Leidbeter

Chooks in my backyard
story posted on 15/12/2008 - about
These two chooks get easily lost in my neighbour's back yard. It's a mess. He doesn't mind them there. They produce fantastic eggs, which we share. These chooks are funny because they completely disappear for the day. You couldn't find them if you tri...
thanks to Will Leidbeter from Heidelberg

Women drivers surprising the blokes at Australian mines - 'No tailgating here unless you want to be run oer by a truck reversing'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Women drivers surprising the blokes at Australian mines
story posted on 13/12/2008 - about
Something that's changed quite a bit in recent years is the presence of women running machinery throughout mining operations across Australia. Those giant dumper trucks are a good example. I expected to see only blokes running those machines. But in fa...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Farmers march on the big smoke - 'We should be at work but we'll lose our farms if we don't yell a bit'posted by Jim Robertson

Farmers march on the big smoke
story posted on 04/12/2008 - about
Back in 2007, my neighbour and I got up early to drive five hours to Sydney to march on state parliament. It wasn't something we wanted to do. But the bludging dills running the joint are buggering up our farms. It was strange seeing so many other farm...
thanks to Jim Robertson from Coonabarabran

Off your trolley or just fleeing it - 'Strange juxtaposition.  Unloved trolleys in Edgecliff'posted by Fran

Off your trolley or just fleeing it
story posted on 01/12/2008 - about
It seems stray shopping trolleys are multiplying. But when people abandon their trolleys and put a blight on the native (or urban) landscape, they're not necessarily being especially Australian about it, since stray trolleys are an urban problem anywhere ...
thanks to Fran

The Port Hedland detention centre - 'A contentious side of the Australian experience in Port Hedland'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

The Port Hedland detention centre
story posted on 25/11/2008 - about
A recent visit to the iron ore hub of Port Hedland involved a passing visit to the detention centre where individuals lacking legal status to be in Australia are quarantined until their status is resolved. I have to say, its a somewhat confronting scene....
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Hot date with a Maytag washer in Darwin - 'Maytag to the rescue. Oh the CRAP they had to clean after a week's hiking'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Hot date with a Maytag washer in Darwin
story posted on 24/11/2008 - about
I never thought I'd ever be so grateful for a clothes washer as I was after a week's bushwalking in the wet season up north near Katherine NT. Hiking in the wet season basically leaves you hot and sweating virtually all the time. The only consolation is...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

SISTERSposted by nay25

story posted on 19/11/2008 - about
*Family Is Everything*...
thanks to nay25

Puddling about in filth - 'My bus stop - hope you enjoy your stay'posted by Fran

Puddling about in filth
story posted on 13/11/2008 - about
This is my bus stop. And below the seat is the garbage thoughtfully left by people who surely must live in my neighbourhood but perhaps can't be bothered to put rubbish where it belongs. Pretty sight isn't it. . ...
thanks to Fran

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