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Almost every day, we see things, do things, hear things or say things that somehow feel 'Australian'. Share your experiences. Browse current stories for ideas. Leave your mark for future generations.

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story posted on 15/11/2011
40 years ago the Mid Western Highway in NSW by- passed this lovely little town - and it's little, just 250 people - and so Carcoar had remained almost unchanged since then. It's not been tizzyied up to be a 'tourist town ' but the buildings along m...
thanks to Doodie

TOGETHER! - 'Add a caption'posted by Lana Zgoznik

story posted on 01/07/2010 - about
When I saw this clothing label in an opp shop I was amazed! What a great label! It states very clearly MADE IN AUSTRALIA. If anyone has any more knowledge or information about this interesting clothing label, please share it!...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

Australia Day in Port Hedland - 'Here he is telling us what he reckons'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Australia Day in Port Hedland
story posted on 27/01/2010 - about
It was January 26 2004 in the mining town of Port Hedland, WA. The town had gathered outside the pub to watch the annual tractor pull -- teams of six local blokes each compete to see which team can pull the truck the furthest along the street. Every...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

sewroo products - 'sewroo products'posted by Leeanne and Graham Schultz

sewroo products
listing posted on 07/07/2009
Ironing Board Covers, Peg Bags, Wash Bags, Iron Shields, Peg Pouch, Dolly Pegs, Iron Mat, Australian Made...
thanks to Leeanne and Graham Schultz

You know you're being Australian when... (part 1) - 'You know you're being Australian when... (part 1)'posted by site administrator

You know you're being Australian when... (part 1)
news (Special Feature) posted on 26/01/2009
It's the little things that help remind you who you are and who you're being......
thanks to site administrator

Melbourne Life - 'Melbourne Life'posted by site administrator

Melbourne Life
news (Attractions) posted on 15/12/2008
Victoria's capital city offers plenty to do for the visitor with time to explore, feel and contemplate...
thanks to site administrator

Nice Fashion - if you can wear itposted by Fran

Nice Fashion - if you can wear it
story posted on 11/12/2008 - about
Not sure where this picture came from or who took it (if it was you, please let me know so you can be properly credited) Anyway, its a rather fetching photo, don't ya think? I wouldn't expect to see someone carrying on like this in, say, Fairbanks, Ala...
thanks to Fran

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 2 of 2 - 'In the park near Martin Place, 'jockeys' provide light relief and capture the mood'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 2 of 2
story posted on 06/11/2008 - about
The Melbourne Cup is many things to many people. Closet gamblers, fashionistas, socialites and regular folk cluster around TVs, radios and track railings for the race that literally stops a nation. Occasions like the Melbourne Cup provide wonderful oppor...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival - 'Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival'posted by site administrator

Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival
news (Event Info) posted on 02/11/2008
thanks to site administrator

Tripping in the Park - 'It's called the Sapphire Coast for a reason'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Tripping in the Park
story posted on 16/10/2008 - about
My mates and I recently took a trip down to the Royal National Park. What an amazing place and right at the edge of Sydney metro area. The contrast of green growth below the blue sky was superb. I've seen this from the air on the way in and out of Sydn...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

My back says it allposted by petbarn

My back says it all
story posted on 30/03/2008 - about
What can I say - we are the luckiest people to have a country so beautiful. My tattoo reflects the way I feel. I love our country....
thanks to petbarn

no pictues available

Farm fresh eggs - scrambled by bike
story posted on 29/06/2006 - about
The next door neighbour's daughter, Lorelle Cargee (spelling), and my sister Robina and I used to ride our bikes a lot when we lived in rural Western Australia. The roads weren't all paved then and lots of bumps. One day, my mum packed some freshly la...
thanks to Gillian Jennings from near Bencubbin, WA

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