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What a cup of tea! - 'Once a Jolly Swagman camped by a billabong...'posted by Lana Zgoznik

What a cup of tea!
story posted on 01/07/2010 - about
When I saw this tea at the supermarket years ago I just had to buy it! I just love the picture of a swagman waiting for his billy to boil to make tea. Rather than keeping my tea in the cupboard, I have decided to display this cosy campfire scene on my kit...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

no pictues available

Meat pies
story posted on 18/08/2009 - about
That very word brings a 'yum' from my classmate's lips. Being an Aussie is serving up a meat pie with tomato sauce to a customer and getting a 'Ta love' in response. And it's handing over a couple of extra sauce packets free of charge because you k...
thanks to cat.cantabile

no pictues available

Backyard BBQ
story posted on 16/05/2009 - about
I am new to Melbourne and decided to have a bbq to meet my otherhalf's friends. We have a tiny 2 bedroom unit, and unknown to me, my OH had invited over 20 of his friends!! So here we are, over 20 people jam packed into a tiny lounge room, watching the fi...
thanks to bobchic

Australia Day with my family - 'Add a caption'posted by Sarah DMellow

Australia Day with my family
story posted on 06/05/2009 - about
We go to the Regatta at Penrith lakes every year for Australia Day. What a great day it is, entertainment galore, and food and of course a few drinks in the beer shed don't go astray. The best part of the day was when they flew a gigantic Aussie flag over...
thanks to Sarah DMellow

King Island Dairy - 'King Island Dairy'posted by Firstname Surname

King Island Dairy
listing posted on 17/02/2009
At King Island Dairy, our masterfully handcrafted and internationally renowned products are created using exquisite ingredients. Produced exclusively on Bass Strait's most remote island, our indulgent dairy products are made with pure and sweet King Is...
thanks to Firstname Surname

You know you're being Australian when... (part 1) - 'You know you're being Australian when... (part 1)'posted by site administrator

You know you're being Australian when... (part 1)
news (Special Feature) posted on 26/01/2009
It's the little things that help remind you who you are and who you're being......
thanks to site administrator

Camping holiday - best way to see Australia - 'Vacant campsite next to our campsite'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Camping holiday - best way to see Australia
story posted on 22/01/2009 - about
No better way to see Australia than by camping. Just the basics, nothing too flash, some food shelter and transport. Fortunately, Australia is loaded with camping and caravan parks. On a recent trip to the Victorian seaside respot town of Lorne, some f...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Living in the outback Australia
video added on 21/12/2008
Aboriginal elder shows the way of living in the outback,a Humpy(Home).
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The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW - 'The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW'posted by site administrator

The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW
news (Attractions) posted on 21/12/2008
Local seafood is only part of the attraction...
thanks to site administrator

Visiting Broome, one time pearling capital of Western Australia - 'Visiting Broome, one time pearling capital of Western Australia'posted by site administrator

Visiting Broome, one time pearling capital of Western Australia
news (Attractions) posted on 17/12/2008
An idylic port town on the edge of Western Australia has a curious past that belies its present....
thanks to site administrator

Melbourne Life - 'Melbourne Life'posted by site administrator

Melbourne Life
news (Attractions) posted on 15/12/2008
Victoria's capital city offers plenty to do for the visitor with time to explore, feel and contemplate...
thanks to site administrator

Central NSW, New South Wales
video added on 10/12/2008
From the gold rush towns of Sofala and Hill End to remote sheep stations, Central NSW provides the visitor with an unforgettable bush experience - where history comes alive b efore your very eyes. The region's history can be read in its architecture -...
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no pictues available

Copy chocolate?
story posted on 03/12/2008 - about
My son bought some chocolate honeycomb 'squares' from an expensive outlet in our area. On sampling the product, he found the taste was EXACTLY the same as the famous Violet Crumble product. I tried a piece of the product, and agreed with my son. Is it pos...
thanks to Mick

Barossa Valley
video added on 01/12/2008
The Barossa offers everything you'd expect from Australia's most famous wine region. Winemakers waiting to share their secrets at the cellar door; landscapes etched with manicured vineyards; passionate food producers proffering their wares at country mark...
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Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast - 'Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast'posted by site administrator

Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast
news (Attractions) posted on 29/11/2008
A Mediterranean-style holiday mecca on the far south coast of New South Wales...
thanks to site administrator

Orange Region Farmers Market - 'Orange Region Farmers Market'posted by site administrator

Orange Region Farmers Market
news (Attractions) posted on 18/11/2008
The Orange Farmers Market every month and F.O.O.D. Week, an annual event not to be missed....
thanks to site administrator

Limestone Coast, South Australia
video added on 15/11/2008
Rate: 4.0 4 ratings Sign in to rate Views: 706 Share Share Favorite Favorite Add to Playlists Playlists Report video as inappropriate Flag MySpace Facebook Digg more share options fewer share options This video will appear on your blog short...
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Experiencing Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
video added on 07/11/2008
Lazy days under the beach umbrella. Cold beers around a barbecue sizzling with the day's catch. Historic wooden jetties that lead right out to where the fish are biting. And sunsets over boat-filled bays. The toughest thing about a trip to Yorke Penins...
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Delicious Magazine Visits Darwin, Australia
video added on 02/11/2008
A professionally produced commercial about good eating available from the waters around Darwin.
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Be Australian - on Australia Day
video added on 30/10/2008
Another entertaining piece from the famous SAM KEKOVITCH spriuking a great Aussie tradition: an alleged fridge full of chops and beer for 'red-blooded' Australians.
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story posted on 23/08/2008 - about

Eating Violet Crumbles - 'Can you handle it?  Small chocolate covered blocks of honeycomb'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Eating Violet Crumbles
story posted on 13/07/2008 - about
As far as I know Violet Crumble bars have been uniquely Australian. At least that's how I remember them. And for the many years I lived overseas, coming home to Australia was always sweetened (no pun intended) by the experience of chomping into a violet...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Vegemiteposted by Atalanta

story posted on 06/07/2008 - about
This is an obvious one, but a typically Aussie thing is Vegemite. Every Australian I know loves it, and I don?t know someone who isn?t born and raised Australian who does. I definitely don?t. Often when I?ve met Aussies traveling abroad they have their...
thanks to Atalanta from USA

Ginger marmelade on toast - 'Aussie tucker doesn't have to be beer and pies. It can be toast, too, with Aussie ginger marmelade'posted by Ginger

Ginger marmelade on toast
story posted on 28/06/2008 - about
Hi - the girls at work call me Ginger, not because of my hair colour, but because I'm from Buderim and they say I'm always taking on about our ginger. Well, why not ?!? Ginger from my home town of Buderim is the best in the world and everything about it...
thanks to Ginger

Bondi Beach - historic more than bohemian - 'Nick's Bondi Seafood fronts Bondi Beach'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Bondi Beach - historic more than bohemian
story posted on 25/06/2008 - about
It used to be you could catch an old Sydney tram to Bondi Beach. But those days are gone. There's the Eastern Suburbs railway line to Bondi Junction and then it's a bus or your own two feet to reach the sand of Australia's most famous seaside destinatio...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Karumba, Barramundi Fishing (
video added on 01/06/2008
Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria, is renown for it's great sport fishing. I filmed during the build up to the wet season, when temperatures can soar above 40 degrees, with humidity around 75%. You really have to experience this climate to understand ...
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Oz Day in the city - 'This dog was wandering up the footpath next to Hyde Park Barracks, replete with fashionable colours of the day'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Oz Day in the city
story posted on 25/05/2008 - about
Australia Day in Sydney, as in just about every Australian city and town, is a day to get out and about, wonder, discover, explore and reconnect with the feeling of being Australian. This year on 26 January, I wandered down to Macquarie Street and Hy...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

no pictues available

We are many, but we are still one
story posted on 14/05/2008 - about
Whilst surfing the internet today for current news I stumbled across many pages that seemed to focus on racism, social prejudice and the stifling of others beliefs along with murders, gang wars, thefts and rape to name a few. Although every country do...
thanks to Oz_89

no pictues available

Kangaroo Stew
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
When I was younger, once a month my school would put on a kangaroo stew day & we'd have aboriginals come in & paint our faces and they'd share stories. That felt Australian to me....
thanks to mandy4889

no pictues available

My Town
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I have lived in Mount Gambier for the past 10 years with my husband and young family. We have been fortunate enough to have found good friends and had the joy of meeting many more people. We have had many experiences but the best is that our friends in ...
thanks to maryls

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