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Honesty and crocodiles in Port Douglas
story posted on 26/07/2010 - about
I've been in Port Douglas - the locals call it The Port - and did all the touristy things and there are lots of them. Out on the reef was fabulous. But the beaches are great. Kept away from rivers because there are crocodiles. Lovely little shops in t...
thanks to gwen

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The Isa in the '60s
story posted on 12/04/2009 - about
Though people had trouble pronouncing our names, we were never made to feel like we didn't belong. Having arrived in Mount Isa in 1966, the beginning of a real boom time in this remote mining town, we blended in as just another of the 51 nationalities tha...
thanks to Gry Risla from Norway

Camping holiday - best way to see Australia - 'Vacant campsite next to our campsite'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Camping holiday - best way to see Australia
story posted on 22/01/2009 - about
No better way to see Australia than by camping. Just the basics, nothing too flash, some food shelter and transport. Fortunately, Australia is loaded with camping and caravan parks. On a recent trip to the Victorian seaside respot town of Lorne, some f...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW - 'The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW'posted by site administrator

The Big Oyster - Taree, NSW
news (Attractions) posted on 21/12/2008
Local seafood is only part of the attraction...
thanks to site administrator

The Cooma Monaro Railway - 'The Cooma Monaro Railway'posted by site administrator

The Cooma Monaro Railway
news (Attractions) posted on 21/12/2008
At the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, vintage rail cars take passengers experience an era of rail travel as it was in rural New South Wales generations ago....
thanks to site administrator

The Big Mallee Root - 'The Big Mallee Root'posted by site administrator

The Big Mallee Root
news (Attractions) posted on 15/12/2008
An ode to the harsh European experience of settling north western Victoria...
thanks to site administrator

Central NSW, New South Wales
video added on 10/12/2008
From the gold rush towns of Sofala and Hill End to remote sheep stations, Central NSW provides the visitor with an unforgettable bush experience - where history comes alive b efore your very eyes. The region's history can be read in its architecture -...
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Limestone Coast, South Australia
video added on 15/11/2008
Rate: 4.0 4 ratings Sign in to rate Views: 706 Share Share Favorite Favorite Add to Playlists Playlists Report video as inappropriate Flag MySpace Facebook Digg more share options fewer share options This video will appear on your blog short...
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Kangaroo Island, South Australia
video added on 15/11/2008
Separated from the Australian mainland about 9000 years ago, Kangaroo Island remains one of the most unspoilt natural wonders of the world. You'll find seals basking on quiet beaches; koalas munching on gum trees; echidnas wandering in search of insects; ...
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Damask Bedlinen Collection
listing posted on 08/11/2008
Damask Bedlinen Collection makes and sells beautiful hand-made sheets, pillow cases, doona covers, cushion covers, tablecloths and table napkins using luxurious and long-lasting 100% cotton damask....
thanks to Jacqueline

Just 21 Hours Away - 'Postcard advertisement that appeared many years ago in Asia'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Just 21 Hours Away
story posted on 01/11/2008 - about
I believe this is a post card advertisement produced for a European market from some years ago. A kinda fetching lass worth making that 21 hour trip. And I bet she never had to say 'bloody hell' to get people over here.. ...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

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Best place to go (Australia)
story posted on 04/10/2008 - about
My experience here was amazing. I met a lot of new friends. ...
thanks to james

Riding into history on a vintage train in Tasmania - 'The Don River Railway's MA 2 Pacific class' steam locomotive'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Riding into history on a vintage train in Tasmania
story posted on 25/06/2008 - about
On Tasmania's northwest coast is a wonderful preservation railway called the Don River Railway. I spent a few years there in my youth as a volunteer with a team of like minded people building tracks, restoring carriages, firing steam locomotives, clickin...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Oz Day in the city - 'This dog was wandering up the footpath next to Hyde Park Barracks, replete with fashionable colours of the day'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Oz Day in the city
story posted on 25/05/2008 - about
Australia Day in Sydney, as in just about every Australian city and town, is a day to get out and about, wonder, discover, explore and reconnect with the feeling of being Australian. This year on 26 January, I wandered down to Macquarie Street and Hy...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

PleaseTake MeTo Australia (visitor info)
video added on 26/04/2008
Beautiful Video, Stunning Photographs, Accommodation, Tours, Attractions, Transport, Car Rental and Hire Options, Package Holidays - all in one place and nowhere else. Discover Australia in a way that's never been possible before.
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My Holidayposted by mortisha

My Holiday
story posted on 18/04/2008 - about
Getting my photo taken with a dolphin at sea world on the Gold Coast and also one with a white tiger at Dream World. It was the best holiday I have ever had....
thanks to mortisha

Murray River - 'Cray trip'posted by eidurt

Murray River
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
Weekends, public holidays, afternoons ... load the esky, hook up the tinnie and head for the Murray River. Camping, fishing, sitting around the campfire telling a few yarns, (murray) crayfishing, cod season and yabbying have been a part of my aussie li...
thanks to eidurt

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Foggy Moments
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I was born in Australia, background is Chinese. Me and my family were going on holidays, what a typical family would be doing, unfortunately we were late to depart because a family friend couldn't arrive on time. We departed 2 hours the normal time, dr...
thanks to shazzy

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My Town
story posted on 16/04/2008 - about
I have lived in Mount Gambier for the past 10 years with my husband and young family. We have been fortunate enough to have found good friends and had the joy of meeting many more people. We have had many experiences but the best is that our friends in ...
thanks to maryls

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Somewhere in neverland
story posted on 01/02/2007 - about
being somewhere in outback where i can not see end of flatland and do not see people for hours giving me feeling of loneliness like i have not experienced anywhere in the world...
thanks to Frantisek Hrnko from slovakia

The farm retreat - 'The Boys'posted by Aaron Hendrikson

The farm retreat
story posted on 10/10/2005 - about
One of my favourite get aways. A weekend away from the city and beach out to a friends farm. Bikes, Beers and Mates....
thanks to Aaron Hendrikson from Sydney

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