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Who do you think you are? - 'Who do you think you are?'posted by site administrator

Who do you think you are?
news (Special Feature) posted on 24/06/2011
Landmark survey of Australian values reveals big changes on work, sport and booze....
thanks to site administrator

Volunteer - 'Tourist information in Kimba, SA, (pop.1211), a grain-belt town and home of the Big Galah 'posted by Kaggles

story posted on 04/11/2010 - about
I am 39 years old and am proud to volunteer my time to different organisations. If it was not for us volunteers this great country of ours would not exist. I currently volunteer for the following organisations: Hospital Auxiliary - we hold raffles, ...
thanks to Kaggles

A family home in Australia... - 'The Pioneers by Fredrick McCubbin'posted by Lana Zgoznik

A family home in Australia...
story posted on 04/07/2010 - about
I was delighted when both my children recognized this triptych and started telling me the story! These three prints tell the story of a couple starting their life in country Australia as pioneers. Then we see their built home and baby, and finally, (we pr...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

no pictues available

The Isa in the '80s
story posted on 05/08/2009 - about
Mount Isa made the news recently (google 'Mt Isa's men 'not top quality either', say women'). The article prompted me to reminisce about my own experiences there, where I served time in the late ?80s as part of my undergraduate obligations. Mount Isa is a...
thanks to slif

no pictues available

Backyard BBQ
story posted on 16/05/2009 - about
I am new to Melbourne and decided to have a bbq to meet my otherhalf's friends. We have a tiny 2 bedroom unit, and unknown to me, my OH had invited over 20 of his friends!! So here we are, over 20 people jam packed into a tiny lounge room, watching the fi...
thanks to bobchic

no pictues available

Feeling Australian
story posted on 08/05/2009 - about
Being able to walk down the road, to my local river, pick up the Kayak and go down the river valley...
thanks to Alex Portnoy

Moving to Australia
video added on 24/12/2008
Moving to a new country can be a very daunting task, but by using the information provided in this educational DVD documentary we aim to inform you about the various processes available, enabling you to make your pathway to Australia smooth and fun. This...
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Working holiday for a British lass in Kakadu + Litchfield National Park
video added on 25/11/2008
You are living your dream, working and travelling in Australia ... what would be your perfect job? Faye, from Britain found hers - working as a tour guide on day trips to the Northern Territory's Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks. Although she is ba...
view at external site || view locally

Experiencing Kakadu National Park
video added on 23/11/2008
Check out the variety of birdlife, the awe-inspiring landscapes, including alluring waterfalls that surge over sandstone escarpments to fill the plunge pools below, and whet your visual appetite in World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Lonely Pla...
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Byron Bay, Environmental Artist (Overlander.TV)
video added on 04/11/2008
Travel Videos - Australia : Byron Bay (pop. 6130) It seems every backpacker must make the pilgrimage to Byron Bay. Once the centre for peace, love and alternative lifestyles, now home of a growing number of baby boomer 'seachangers' from capital cities...
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BYOB: The wine bottle in a brown paper bag phenomenaposted by Atalanta

BYOB: The wine bottle in a brown paper bag phenomena
story posted on 06/10/2008 - about
As a traveler, not from Australia, I was amazed to see how many BYOB places there were. They are rare or non-existent in other parts of the world. Seeing so many people on Friday/ Saturday nights with wine bottles in brown paper bags walking down street...
thanks to Atalanta from USA

Dancing with the Stars - in Milson's Point, Sydney - 'Salvios started about the time when the telephone arrived in Australia'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Dancing with the Stars - in Milson's Point, Sydney
story posted on 01/10/2008 - about
I recently started ballroom dancing classes under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Well, not exactly under it, but right next to it at the Bradfield Park Community Centre at Milson's Point. Ballroom dancing is really fun - and fantastically good exercise. ...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Being Australian in Byron Bay (
video added on 01/06/2008
It seems every backpacker must make the pilgrimage to Byron Bay. Once the centre for peace, love and alternative lifestyles, now home of a growing number of baby boomer 'seachangers' from capital cities down south. With this new mix, Byron is evolving, (a...
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Nimbin, Australia's Alternative Capital (
video added on 01/06/2008
Nimbin, New South Wales (pop.319) Back in the early seventies Nimbin became the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia. Many of the original communes are still set up today. In recent times Nimbin has become infamous for it's annual Mardi Grass fes...
view at external site || view locally

Murray River - 'Cray trip'posted by eidurt

Murray River
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
Weekends, public holidays, afternoons ... load the esky, hook up the tinnie and head for the Murray River. Camping, fishing, sitting around the campfire telling a few yarns, (murray) crayfishing, cod season and yabbying have been a part of my aussie li...
thanks to eidurt

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