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Who do you think you are? - 'Who do you think you are?'posted by site administrator

Who do you think you are?
news (Special Feature) posted on 24/06/2011
Landmark survey of Australian values reveals big changes on work, sport and booze....
thanks to site administrator

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Migration lessons from the soccer pitch*
story posted on 05/07/2010 - about
After Germany had convincingly demolished the Socceroos at the World Cup, I was not sure what to expect in the office, with me being German and all that. Quips about Per Mertesackerís hand-ball in the German penalty box? Discussions about the harsh red ca...
thanks to Oliver Marc Hartwich

We got up at 4am to watch Australia... - 'Add a caption'posted by Lana Zgoznik

We got up at 4am to watch Australia...
story posted on 04/07/2010 - about
My children proudly advised me they would be getting up at 4am to watch Australia kick off at 4.30am in the FIFA World Cup a week ago. My teenage son suggested I could contribute this as an 'Australian moment' on this website. I was so excited that my kid...
thanks to Lana Zgoznik from Melbourne

no pictues available

story posted on 27/05/2010 - about
Last night i watch state of Origin and NSW got oowwnnnnedddd!...
thanks to Sophdog

I am Australian.   Celebrating 4 Years in Australia - 'Sofia Cull - Life Celebrant'posted by Steve Wood

I am Australian. Celebrating 4 Years in Australia
story posted on 28/08/2009 - about
I am Australian. Sophia Cull is a Life Celebrant, so when she asked me if I wanted to celebrate being Australian, I jumped at the chance. She ran a 10 minute session for me at one of our regular BNI Carlton business networking events. 1. Why Au...
thanks to Steve Wood

MYKwebTV - 'MYKwebTV'posted by Myk Harrison

listing posted on 21/06/2009
'Hi. is possibily the Biggest 'legal' Sports Comedy Internet TV station in the World! I'm the Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy. I have been based in Western Canada the past 11 years traveling to many Sporting events. I'm confident that y...
thanks to Myk Harrison

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The Isa in the '60s
story posted on 12/04/2009 - about
Though people had trouble pronouncing our names, we were never made to feel like we didn't belong. Having arrived in Mount Isa in 1966, the beginning of a real boom time in this remote mining town, we blended in as just another of the 51 nationalities tha...
thanks to Gry Risla from Norway

Darwin crocodiles - 'Lonely drinking fountain, stands guard at the edge of a park in Darwin overlooking the Timor sea'posted by Rodney Harrison

Darwin crocodiles
story posted on 22/11/2008 - about
This contemplative setting belies certain trouble beyond the grassy knoll. We're in a park near the Northern Territory capital of Darwin. Lurking about in the waters ahead are saltwater crocodiles, who would be delighted were any of us to wade in to pat...
thanks to Rodney Harrison from Batemans Bay

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 1 of 2 - 'The Melbourne Cup is incomplete without the Totalizator Agency Board taking the bets.  The awning in Martin Place'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Taking a punt on the Melbourne Cup - Part 1 of 2
story posted on 06/11/2008 - about
The Melbourne Cup (a horse race that stops a nation) isn't just a Melbourne event. It's an event in every city and town around Australia. It provides punting opportunities for the common man (and woman) not normally disposed to a 'flutter' on the horses...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Melbourne Cup in Martin Place - 'The big screen in front gets their attention. Not just entertainment, Big money's at stake'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Melbourne Cup in Martin Place
story posted on 04/11/2008 - about
Every year the punters of Sydney's central business district up from their desks for a flutter on the street below. Of course the TAB wastes no time in setting up to collect their dough (dosh/moulah, money/$$). It's more than just a horse racing event. ...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Golf - 'The first tee,Yandi, WA. - that spring contraption is to increase hitting difficulty (just for fun)'posted by Greg,Birtles

story posted on 14/07/2008 - about
I played golf on the weekend in Central NSW. It was 40 degrees plus without a breath of air when we hit off. A few holes later this magnificent electrical storm came over the ranges and we ran for the safety of the club house. I was winning. That's golf. ...
thanks to Greg,Birtles

Plunging escarpments ain't always pretty - 'Safety is not always fashionable: preparing to descend into the Blue Mountains waterfalls'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Plunging escarpments ain't always pretty
story posted on 28/06/2008 - about
A mate of mine came over from Europe to spend some time mucking about in Australia. It's when friends drop in that caution gets thrown to the wind and adventures are undertaken. So, we took the train to Katoomba and joined a group of abseilers headed fo...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains - 'First, some training drops...then the real thing'posted by Eric Goron

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains
story posted on 26/06/2008 - about
I came to Australian 2003. While I was staying with friends in Sydney, someone suggested a visit to the Blue Mountains where abseiling can be done. We travelled to the Blue Mountains by train. It was my first experience of 'abseiling'. At first we enter...
thanks to Eric Goron from France

Karumba, Barramundi Fishing (
video added on 01/06/2008
Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria, is renown for it's great sport fishing. I filmed during the build up to the wet season, when temperatures can soar above 40 degrees, with humidity around 75%. You really have to experience this climate to understand ...
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Gums among the Ivy - 'Gums among the Ivy'posted by site administrator

Gums among the Ivy
news (Special Feature) posted on 26/05/2008
Australians form distinctive communities in two of the world's great universities....
thanks to site administrator

no pictues available

running the marathon
story posted on 17/04/2008 - about
We ran from the centre of Sydney to Bondi. It was absolutely exhausting. I sort of envied the Mums pushing strollers as they had an EXCUSE to go slowly. I wanted to impress my boyfriend - but didn't....
thanks to julia

Rugby League - the Best Australian Sport - 'Meeting Krisnan Inu'posted by Penny

Rugby League - the Best Australian Sport
story posted on 04/04/2008 - about
Watching and enjoying the footy! Last Friday night watching the Golden Pointer between Parramatta Eels and Newcastle Knights - watching some of the best players in the country - particularly Nathan Hindmarsh - that bloke is a legend! - and meeting Krisnan...
thanks to Penny

The Sydney-to-Hobart - 'The crew of Toyota-sponsored 'Brindabella' smile for the camera before heading out to the starting line in Sydney Harbour.'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

The Sydney-to-Hobart
story posted on 27/12/2007 - about
Every year in Australia, on the day after Christmas, highly competitive yachting enthusiasts assemble on boats of all sizes with the aim of being first past the post a few days later in Hobart. It's the annual 'Sydney to Hobart' yacht race. I wande...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian - 'Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian'posted by site administrator

Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian
news (Special Feature) posted on 29/10/2007
Brigitte von Bulow 'being Australian' at 3-day fesitval in Florida...
thanks to site administrator

Surfing in Victoria - '4.00PM in July - My friend and I are about to hit the waves'posted by David Kirkpatrick

Surfing in Victoria
story posted on 01/07/2005 - about
Whenever I go surfing, I am amazed at how huge the sky is overhead and how empty the beaches are along the coast road to Lorne in Victoria. Certainly the water has a bit of nip to it -- wetsuits are essential. But the sand, the waves and the lack of cro...
thanks to David Kirkpatrick from Heidelberg

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