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experiences with 'the outback'

Almost every day, we see things, do things, hear things or say things that somehow feel 'Australian'. Share your experiences. Browse current stories for ideas. Leave your mark for future generations.

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Overseas and missing home
story posted on 12/09/2009 - about
As I sit in a foreign house with foreign weather and foreign shows on TV, I start to feel rather lonely! It started with our house sitter sending me pic's of our three cats and the little things they do, then I watched Chasers war on everything and laughe...
thanks to shar-la

Living in the outback Australia
video added on 21/12/2008
Aboriginal elder shows the way of living in the outback,a Humpy(Home).
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Metal cake - 'Open cut layer cake of iron ore'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Metal cake
story posted on 19/12/2008 - about
Stunning rock formation shows up spectacularly in Western Australia's iron ore country. Digging up the ground uncovers some cool looking layer-cake bands of iron ore. ...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Outback road safety
video added on 10/12/2008
Chris Pye, our Driveon Host alerts us to the Hazards of driving in the outback. Massive Road Trains, kangaroos, emus and livestock are only a few of the dangers when traveling the long stretches of road when driving north. Check out this road safety video...
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Australian Cowboys - the life of outback jackaroos
video added on 10/12/2008
This fabulous clip captures a snapshot of the professional life and social setting as it really is for the bush-toughened jackaroos mustering cattle in the far outback.
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The Great Australian Outdoors
video added on 09/12/2008
For lovers of the great outdoors, Victoria is a breath of fresh air. From the ocean to the outback there is something for everyone.
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Camping with wild pigs - 'Sunset in Nitmiluk national park'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Camping with wild pigs
story posted on 07/12/2008 - about
No tent, just a hutchie (plastic to keep dew at bay). No mosquito net. Just a tube of Deet repellent. Nothing to stop wild pigs roaming up in the middle of the night, either. Nor snakes or anything else taking a curious interest as I slept. But the s...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Driving in Australia
video added on 03/12/2008
Not any where close to being in the Outback, but still come along for a 4 minute drive in rural Australia, where there is not a whole lot of traffic!
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Helicopter flight over rugged NT wilderness - 'Lift off - leaving the ground below'posted by Rodney Harrison

Helicopter flight over rugged NT wilderness
story posted on 29/11/2008 - about
During our visit to the Katherine Gorge National Park, we located a helicopter service and went for a spin over the ground we'd just spent the last nine days walking. ...
thanks to Rodney Harrison from Batemans Bay

Why go overseas, when you can experience your backyard?
video added on 23/11/2008
Katherine is the adventure capital of the Northern Territory. Located just south of World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, it's where the tropics meet the Outback. Famous for the Katherine Gorge, the region is also the home to some of Australia's lar...
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Living with cane toads, an imported menace - 'this cane toad adult is oozing white poison, a defense mechanism'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Living with cane toads, an imported menace
story posted on 13/11/2008 - about
The cane toad has made it to Western Australia. In rivers and streams across the northern half of the Northern Territory we found lots of the little bastards milling around. We saw loads of them during a visit to Nitmiluk National Park. Dozens of the ...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Plenty of Water - 'Sitting on the edge as tons of water per second pour off a clif'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Plenty of Water
story posted on 03/11/2008 - about
Something you'll notice on your trip to the northern half of the Northern Territory is the seemingly endless supply of water coming from the sky overhead. Billions of litres of fresh water drains into the ocean instead of being harvested and diverted sou...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Stuart Highway - the real wilderness - 'The Stuart Highway -- lonely, silent, fantastic.'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Stuart Highway - the real wilderness
story posted on 30/10/2008 - about
Anyone who has ever driven the Stuart Highway through Central Australia will know the feeling of isolation that sweeps over you when you look through the windscreen in front and the window behind and see the same view. It's the kind of trip you want to p...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Big Australian Sky - 'Sunset near Mt. Newman, Western Australia'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Big Australian Sky
story posted on 14/07/2008 - about
A girl I met on the train today, who is visiting our fair land from North Carolina, said that being Australian is standing beneath a vast dome of blue sky in the outback. She's right. When you look up into the sky (except for Melbourne of course, whic...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Living in the Wild West - 'The stuff that got me out there -- brown gold heading for ships for China'posted by Matthew Strahorn

Living in the Wild West
story posted on 14/07/2008 - about
An authentic Australian experience is joining the 'brown-gold rush' to help the iron ore effort. Seems the Chinese can't get enough of the stuff. I've found that living in the mining camps can be a bit of a surprise. Things are generally quiet becaus...
thanks to Matthew Strahorn from Brisbane

Being social in the bush - 'Some my family's friends gathering at the homestead when I was very young'posted by Gillian Jennings

Being social in the bush
story posted on 29/06/2008 - about
I grew up in rural Western Australia on a property called Jannanie four miles from the town of Bencubbin. Wheat and sheep was the go. I remember people used to gather at neighbours' farms for parties. The houses were always big and the children wo...
thanks to Gillian Jennings from near Bencubbin, WA

Outback Barmaid, Renner Springs (
video added on 01/06/2008
Out here in the outback, pubs and petrol stops are the hub of the universe. It is not unusual to travel 300 km between fuel stations. Renner Springs is one such stop, slap bang in the middle of nowhere. It is sustained by a natural spring. All fruit, vege...
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A 4x4 experience in the Outback
video added on 29/05/2008
4x4 Experience in Australian Outback and meeting up with some locals... Try not to get a flat tyre because this is 2 days walking distance from civilisation and there is no one around (except kangaroos and some rare species of poisonous snakes...)
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Sights and Sounds of Australian Outback
video added on 26/04/2008
Highlights of a trip to the Outback, August-September 2006. We started in Cairns, QLD, and ended up in Darwin, NT. On the video you'll see lots of crocs, wallabies, kangaroos, jabirus, a monitor lizard, a feral pig, free-range cattle, road trains, termite...
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Lawn in the Pilbara - 'red grit on blue ashphalt - outside the Lodge Motel, Hawke Place, South Hedland'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Lawn in the Pilbara
story posted on 07/04/2008 - about
Being Australian in the Pilbara is about living with red oxide dust on everything. I mean, it's EVERYWHERE. On cars, on roofs, on shop windows, on family pets, on lawns... Iron ore dust from the mines has been a real challenge for the hardworking fol...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

no pictues available

story posted on 30/03/2008 - about
I have travelled around Australia since I was 13. I love the outback, and find myself drawn to heading out there regularly. There is something very mystical about the environment and its barren-ness....
thanks to Sazette

Experiencing Uluru - 'approaching it looks quite small'posted by Evelyn Lee

Experiencing Uluru
story posted on 26/03/2008 - about
It was a June day, still very hot in the outback, we drove towards the monolith and didn't really see its size. As we approached the impact of this vast rock became apparent, it was totally awesome. The different lights reflected on the steep sides and t...
thanks to Evelyn Lee from Sussex, UK

Karijini Jewels - '4 Gorges meet at Karijini'posted by Christine Casey Robinson

Karijini Jewels
story posted on 03/03/2008 - about
Hiking through four of Karijini National Park's gorges including Dales, Weano, Hancock and Handrail gorge, also climbed Mount Bruce at Karijini to see the colours of Australia below us. I have made a short video with Aussie music containing loads of ou...
thanks to Christine Casey Robinson from Perth - Western Australia

Living on the Edge - 'spirit of the gorge watching over me at karijini'posted by Christine Casey Robinson

Living on the Edge
story posted on 03/03/2008 - about
90% of Australians live on the coastal fringe of our great country, where the lands meet the sea, most of us are afraid to challenge the vast outback - dry and hot with unknown hardships & unseen dangers. We prefer to remain by the cool waters edge - fir...
thanks to Christine Casey Robinson from Perth - Western Australia

Dining IN - 'Resting easy. Finishing dinner IN 'monsoon' rainwater heated by sunbaked rocks near Darwin'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Dining IN
story posted on 07/02/2008 - about
I was with a group from the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship touring through the Nitmiluk National Park near Darwin a couple of years ago. It was middle of the summer wet season. The sky is like a fire hose in the afternoons. One afternoon we dropped our packs...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Scary Kangaroo! - 'It can jump over my friend'posted by lilly

Scary Kangaroo!
story posted on 08/05/2007 - about
One day I was with my best friend. Her name is Donna and we were walking along the street and something so funny happened. This kangaroo out of nowhere just jumped in front of her and she screamed so loud that it ran away. ...
thanks to lilly

Kangaroo shooting in Western Australia - 'Typical scene out west - wild 'roos loitering in the hot dry scrub'posted by Gillian Jennings

Kangaroo shooting in Western Australia
story posted on 03/01/2007 - about
When I was very young living in rural Western Australia, my sister and I used to go night-shooting in the ute with the local boys from surrounding farms. I was about 10. My sister was about nine. We'd sit in the front. The boys would be in the back ...
thanks to Gillian Jennings from near Bencubbin, WA

Passing road trains - 'Passing a BP tanker train headed for Broome'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Passing road trains
story posted on 18/03/2005 - about
We found driving in the outback a very different experience from city driving. For one thing, it seems to take a kilometre of road just to pass one of those huge road trains. We managed to overtake a few in our travels in WA. Our kids couldn't get over...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

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Being social in the bush
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