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Doug Kirkpatrick tells Sydney's 2SER-FM about Being Australian

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What makes damask linen so special

What makes damask linen so special


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Your GardenWe at OUTDOOR CREATIONS have two passions. First, to design a garden that supports the architecture, acts as a frame for the architecture, showing off the architecture at its best. Second, to design a garden that suits the specific needs and tastes of the owner. Our special skill is to combine these two requirements in a form that adds value to the property.

Backyard & Front Yard Garden Design

Backyard & Front Yard Garden DesignA small space can be delicate. Too often landscaping ideas that seemed good at the time only increase the sense of being hemmed in. Good design flows from solid understanding of proportion. The OUTDOOR CREATIONS team is highly experienced in successfully making even the smallest backyard or front yard garden feel spacious and welcoming.

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Corporate Landscape Creations

Corporate Landscape CreationsA corporate garden can reflect and enhance a corporate?s culture and identity. If planned well it can also simultaneously provide a place for staff, somewhere they can take time out and find tranquility and come back refreshed. It should, therefore be practical as well as dramatic.
At OUTDOOR CREATIONS, we consider the user of the space to be as important as the look of the space. How does the environment work with traffic flows, high amounts of shade and the wind patterns? Do people have welcoming places to sit and converse? Is the garden easy to keep clean and vandal free? We address these and many more questions before the detailed design is started.

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School Yard Landscapes

School Yard LandscapesSchool outdoor spaces are designed for students and the teachers as well as to enhance the school?s appearance.
The OUTDOOR CREATIONS team are recognized experts in the design of school grounds and parkland spaces that young people find stimulating, and which provide respite for them and for teachers alike.

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David Kirkpatrick - Founder & Designer

David Kirkpatrick - Founder & DesignerOUTDOOR CREATIONS' founder and senior designer, David Kirkpatrick, is an multi-awardwinning industry-recognised expert in landscape design and project management. David heads a small team of fabulous landscape architects and regularly features on radio, television and in numerous press and magazine articles. David provides weekly, expert advice on Network Ten?s morning program, '9am with david & kim'.

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Water Features

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Enhance Your Home

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Your Backyard Oasis

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Clever street art
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Mateship in the aftermath of disaster


Christmas Day at Bondi Beach (pt2)


Anzac Appreciation


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