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Doug Kirkpatrick tells Sydney's 2SER-FM about Being Australian

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King Island Dairy

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About King Island

About King IslandDiscovered in 1791 to be the most geographically isolated island in Bass Strait and located on 40 degrees latitude between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, King Island to this day retains its pristine environment. The 110,000 fertile wind-swept hectares support more than 9,000 cows and 80,000 head of beef graze on some of the cleanest and greenest grass in the world, producing the best quality beef and most pure and sweet milk.

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King Island Dairy Products

King Island Dairy Products

Mouth-watering Recipes

Mouth-watering Recipes

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Living in the Wild West
'Snake sign. A worry at first. But you get used to watching where you put your feet'
posted by Matthew Strahorn

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Living in the Wild West...

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Dining IN




House on stone block


tradie's bit for the nation


Lawn in the Pilbara

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