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'this cane toad adult is oozing white poison, a defense mechanism' posted by Matthew Strahorn

'This dead cane toad is having its phototaken.' posted by Matthew Strahorn

'One of the waterfalls where we found toads living the life of luxury' posted by Matthew Strahorn

Living with cane toads, an imported menace

an experience of the outback

The cane toad has made it to Western Australia. In rivers and streams across the northern half of the Northern Territory we found lots of the little bastards milling around.
We saw loads of them during a visit to Nitmiluk National Park. Dozens of the little creeps tucked into the rocks alongside waters falls, enjoying the spray of fresh water, busily multiplying. A friend of mine got busy killing as many as he could find.

Thanks to
Matthew Strahorn
from Brisbane
on 13/11/2008 send a message to Matthew Strahorn

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