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'Lonely drinking fountain, stands guard at the edge of a park in Darwin overlooking the Timor sea' posted by Rodney Harrison

Darwin crocodiles

an experience of sports

This contemplative setting belies certain trouble beyond the grassy knoll. We're in a park near the Northern Territory capital of Darwin. Lurking about in the waters ahead are saltwater crocodiles, who would be delighted were any of us to wade in to pat them.
Swimming in the waters off Darwin is ill-advised. However, locals say it is possible to swim and not become a meal during the dry season (May to October). Thereafter, you're asking for trouble. And if that's not bad enough, there's the dredded Box Jellyfish.
Experiencing the teeth of a 'salty', or a jellyfish sting, isn't necessarily good. However, that apparently hasn't stopped thrill seekers from actively pursuing swims with the crocs - for fun, according to news reports! Frankly, I think it's just better to pay attention to the posted signs in the North Territory and avoid swimming where the signs say not to. Otherwise, meeting an Australian crocodile could be the very last Aussie experience you have.

Thanks to
Rodney Harrison
from Batemans Bay
on 22/11/2008 send a message to Rodney Harrison

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