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'The article in today's paper, photographed with my mobile phone camera.' posted by Rachel Somers

Animal Farm

an experience of aussie icons

I suppose you heard about the flag we lost up here in Toowoomba. Some low life fools have gone to the trouble of hacking into the bottom of the pole and ripping down the flag. Why?! What can they do with it (except destroy it, perhaps?). I took a photo of the article in the Sydney paper. Here it is. The flag only went up in January this year. It's going to cost $10,000 to replace. Fantastic. This kind of nonsense just didn't happen when I was a girl. It's very disappointing.

Thanks to
Rachel Somers
from near Lake Eildon
on 17/05/2009 send a message to Rachel Somers

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Our Trip And The Aussie Flag
'Although i dont look that sad, it was a sad moment... the flag was no more :('
posted by Ruth Annesley

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