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Corporate Entity

BEING AUSTRALIAN's corporate entity is 'BEING AUSTRALIAN PTY LTD', formed in 1996, two years after the communications and media concept for BEING AUSTRALIAN was conceived and extensively documented and publicised for discussion with well-known authorities in Australian government, industry, arts and media by BEING AUSTRALIAN founding member and principal, Doug Kirkpatrick.

BEING AUSTRALIAN PTY LTD is a privately-held proprietary limited company registered in New South Wales.  ACN 077 264 656.  ABN 35 077 264 656
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Intellectual Property


'BEING AUSTRALIAN®' is a trademark registered to BEING AUSTRALIAN PTY LTD, Sydney.

In addition to this trademark, BEING AUSTRALIAN owns, uses and publishes a variety of other original service marks, designs, domain names, and content in which BEING AUSTRALIAN holds exclusive copyright, including this entire web site.

The following phrases, "Everyone Matters", "Bringing Australians Closer Together", "Bringing Australians Closer Together Through Humour and Contemplation About Life in Australia", "Franky, I'd Rather Be Australian", "Human Being Australian", "Your Country Your Story", "Australia is a Community. All We Have is Each Other", "Australia's Encyclopaedia of Experiences", and "It's Always Exciting When Someone New Gets Involved" are declared and deployed service marks of BEING AUSTRALIAN.
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BEING AUSTRALIAN vigorously defends its intellectual property as stipulated in the Conditions of Use and aggressively pursues infringements upon and/or misuse of same.

BEING AUSTRALIAN will pursue legal remedy for violations of copyright and trademark infringements regardless of time, place or form wherein such infringments occur.

Additionally, BEING AUSTRALIAN is committed to respecting and upholding copyright in all content provided to BEING AUSTRALIAN by others including and not limited to registered users of BEING AUSTRALIAN, freelance writers, sponsors, and other third-party contributors.

If, for any reason, you believe content published on this Site or any media directly under the control of BEING AUSTRALIAN constitutes a possible or actual infringement of the intellectual property rights of others, or if you believe that any element of this web site infringes upon a copyright held by you or an entity which you have the authority to represent, please notify BEING AUSTRALIAN legal counsel as soon as possible so that BEING AUSTRALIAN may take immediate and appropriate action to investigate and resolve any actual infringement.

When contacting BEING AUSTRALIAN in relation to any copyright or other legal matter, BEING AUSTRALIAN requests and requires you to provide the following information in writing:

  1. Identification of the work entitled to copyright protection
  2. Identification and confirmation of the copyright holder
  3. Identification of the element of this Internet Site that is claimed to infringe, or constitute an infringment, upon the copyrighted work and reasonably sufficient information to permit BEING AUSTRALIAN to identify the allegedly infringing material
  4. A statement by you attesting to your belief in good faith that the use of the allegedly infringing material is not authorized by the copyright holder, any of its agents, or by law; and
  5. A statement, made under penalty of law, that all information in the notification is true and accurate and that you are the copyright holder or are authorized to act on behalf of said holder.

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Content submitted to BEING AUSTRALIAN for publication

The term, "content", represents and refers without exclusion to text, images, audio and video submitted by You and/or Your agents and assigns for personal, editorial or commercial presentation on this Website and/or as part of Being Australian promotional colateral of any kind.  The action of submitting content that is rightfully yours to this Site constitutes your acknowledgment, understanding and agreement that BEING AUSTRALIAN may make use of such content without restriction or limitation as defined in our Conditions of Use. Specifically, you acknowledge, understand and accept that any contribution of content you own (words, audio, video and/or still images) that you submit to BEING AUSTRALIAN simultaneously grants BEING AUSTRALIAN the perpetual free licence to use same for promotional purposes including, but not limited to, display of same throughout the web site and use within emails and print and electronic promotions.

BEING AUSTRALIAN does not assume ownership of said content nor the respective copyright in such content without your consent.

BEING AUSTRALIAN encourages all incidental visitors (including members of the worldwide public), registered users, project partners and collaborators, clients, agents and assigns to read the Conditions of Use statement carefully before interacting in any way with Site content or Site features.
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