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Ruth Annesley from Where ever the road takes me..

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Almost every day, we see things, do things, hear things or say things that somehow feel 'Australian'. Share your experiences. Browse current stories for ideas. Leave your mark for future generations.

Werris Creek Station - 'Another Country XPT service drops passengers at Werris Creen platform'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Werris Creek Station
story posted on 21/12/2008 - about
During the unveiling of a memorial in 2007 to NSW railway workers killed on the job, many people came to watch as the then Minister for Transport, John Watkins, officiated. Nearby a fabulous local community band struck up some music. Meanwhile on the st...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Melbourne Life - 'Melbourne Life'posted by site administrator

Melbourne Life
news (Attractions) posted on 15/12/2008
Victoria's capital city offers plenty to do for the visitor with time to explore, feel and contemplate...
thanks to site administrator

Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast - 'Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast'posted by site administrator

Merimbula - Jewel of the Sapphire Coast
news (Attractions) posted on 29/11/2008
A Mediterranean-style holiday mecca on the far south coast of New South Wales...
thanks to site administrator

Ironfest -- An annual celebration of culture and innovation with metals of the ages - 'Ironfest -- An annual celebration of culture and innovation with metals of the ages'posted by site administrator

Ironfest -- An annual celebration of culture and innovation with metals of the ages
news (Event Info) posted on 18/11/2008
Most people probably don't think of their relationship to iron, or even think they have such a relationship....
thanks to site administrator

Broadway Dance Studio - 'Broadway Dance Studio'posted by Gillian Jennings / 02 9460 0321

Broadway Dance Studio
listing posted on 01/10/2008
Broadway Dance Studio's world-class instructors provide dance tuition spanning ballroom, latin and other dance styles for individuals, couples and groups from beginners to advanced....
thanks to Gillian Jennings / 02 9460 0321

Gums among the Ivy - 'Gums among the Ivy'posted by site administrator

Gums among the Ivy
news (Special Feature) posted on 26/05/2008
Australians form distinctive communities in two of the world's great universities....
thanks to site administrator

Oz Day in the city - 'This dog was wandering up the footpath next to Hyde Park Barracks, replete with fashionable colours of the day'posted by Doug Kirkpatrick

Oz Day in the city
story posted on 25/05/2008 - about
Australia Day in Sydney, as in just about every Australian city and town, is a day to get out and about, wonder, discover, explore and reconnect with the feeling of being Australian. This year on 26 January, I wandered down to Macquarie Street and Hy...
thanks to Doug Kirkpatrick from Melbourne

Australian Road trip from Broome to Darwin
video added on 18/05/2008
'Road trip between Broome (Western Australia) and Darwin (Northern Territory) in March 2007. Music "Rebellion (Lies)" from Arcade Fire' - from FrenchWombat
view at external site || view locally

Karijini Jewels - '4 Gorges meet at Karijini'posted by Christine Casey Robinson

Karijini Jewels
story posted on 03/03/2008 - about
Hiking through four of Karijini National Park's gorges including Dales, Weano, Hancock and Handrail gorge, also climbed Mount Bruce at Karijini to see the colours of Australia below us. I have made a short video with Aussie music containing loads of ou...
thanks to Christine Casey Robinson from Perth - Western Australia

Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian - 'Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian'posted by site administrator

Floridians Find Out How To Be Australian
news (Special Feature) posted on 29/10/2007
Brigitte von Bulow 'being Australian' at 3-day fesitval in Florida...
thanks to site administrator

The big launch: <i>Being Australian</i> goes live - 'The big launch: <i>Being Australian</i> goes live'posted by site administrator

The big launch: Being Australian goes live
news (Media Release) posted on 15/01/2005
Being Australian, the website designed to gather images of Australian life for future film and television projects, went live on the Internet today...
thanks to site administrator

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Kimberly's W.A.
'Manning Gorge'
posted by chad pantic

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Kimberly's W.A.

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