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'Roaring bursts of flame overhead keeping us all in the sky' posted by Collette Howsen

'Morning darkness while the balloons are being filled with hot air' posted by Collette Howsen

'Filming the action - other balloons passing over Sydney's houses and barking dogs below' posted by Collette Howsen

Hot air balloons

an experience of entertainment

A funny thing happened on my birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise birthday present. And it was -- a ride in a hot air balloon over Sydney. I didn't know this however until we actually got there early in the morning at Parramatta where they do balloon rides. The trouble is I'm petrified of heights - can't go near the edge of a verandah if it's high. So unfortunately for my family, ballooning was out for me. But everyone else went up & said it was fabulous. They said funniest part was the sound of barking dogs going berserk among the houses below as the balloons passed by overhead. Apparently you can see from the Blue Mountains to the sea on a good day. Well, they had a good time. I had a coffee and felt like a galah. The pictures are from my son.

Thanks to
Collette Howsen
from Mansfield, Victoria
on 06/02/2008 send a message to Collette Howsen

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