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'Port Gregory' posted by Ruth Annesley

15/05/06 Geraldton to Kalbari

an experience of travel

Packed the car (We'll be experts at rolling swags in no time!) and did a quick shop to keep supply costs to a minimum. Not very good weather today, overcast and drizzle. The Drive to Kalbari was fairly uneventful, just us singing to the odd tune and having to slow right down while being stuck behind the odd grey nomad with a caravan! Called in to check out Port Gregory on the way up (a very small Cray fishing village). The sand is now a deep red/orange that breaks away to white on the coast, now that we had reached Kalbari. We set up camp at a local Caravan Park and walked down to the local tavern to celebrate our arrival.

Thanks to
Ruth Annesley
from Where ever the road takes me..
on 25/05/2006 send a message to Ruth Annesley

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